77 Inspiring Descriptive essay topics to get better Scores

An essay writer can learn a lot from writing an essay. A good easy requires hours of research and dedication to sit and write. A student cannot write an essay if he is not motivated. Unlike your annual quiz, writing an essay is different where you need to use your creative abilities. Knowing a particular topic is one thing and explaining it to a reader is different. Possession of knowledge does not verify someone's ability or level of intelligence unless he can give benefit to other people. From different types of essays, descriptive essays are one type. It mainly deals with describing something like a situation, emotion, experience, place, person, and object.

In this genre, a writer is free to use their artistic imagination to make a topic interesting. Apart from an essay itself choosing the right and the appealing topic is very important. In this post I will write some potential *descriptive essay topics* you can choose any of these for your own essay. A good essay is not just a collection of ideas rather it is a piece of information made on some predefined rules. You need to follow the proper format designated by the academics which vary depending upon the type of essay. However, the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion remain the same.

The main difference occurred in body paragraphs which vary a lot. The remaining principles for every type of essay are the same like to use concise language, brainstorm, thesis statement, create a clear impression, sentence statement, and references. By following these rules you can write an exceptional essay. Sometimes writing an outline is very important as it gives your essay a direction. You can eliminate any idea from the outline if you do not want to discuss it in your essay. Once your outline is complete you can ask an essay writer to review it. If he finalizes your outline then you are good to go or you can also get help from an essay writing service to do it for you.

Topics about memories/consciousness

  1. Describe your memorable moment
  2. What is your oldest memory?
  3. What were your best summer vacations?
  4. My most embarrassing moments in life
  5. My memorable day at school
  6. The time when I miss my dad
  7. A time when I was possessed
  8. A time when I felt excited/scared
  9. My few saddest memories
  10. A time I met with Angelina Jolie
  11. The time when I found out my best friend
  12. Last Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner which I spent with my family
  13. Our visit to Brazil to attend the Tomorrowland Music Concert
  14. My hiking trip to Mount Everest
  15. When a straw dog attacked me

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Topics about objects

  1. Describing the use of a smartphone to a prisoner who spent the last three decades in jail
  2. My experience of eating pizza for the first time
  3. The magic carpet from our family vanished in thin air
  4. What would I write on a time capsule for future generations
  5. My favorite corner of the house
  6. My attachment to my bedroom couch
  7. How I got around to my skateboard/parent’s car?
  8. Ferry, my favorite childhood toy
  9. The relationship between me and my favorite outfit.
  10. Most important objects of my house

Topics about people

  1. Grandpa: My favorite person
  2. The qualities of my family members
  3. A famous person that I would love to meet
  4. Describe one of our friends
  5. Why I like Jessica’s style of dress
  6. My dad likes to speak in a British accent
  7. Describing myself to an unknown person
  8. Describing human nature to an alien invader
  9. Describe your pet lion
  10. Describe old family members from family photos

Topics about place

  1. Mount Rushmore: My favorite place to hang out
  2. What would my ideal bedroom look like?
  3. Our old house where I grow up
  4. What would the first house on the moon look like?
  5. First house on the moon: A fiction or reality
  6. My favorite places in my hometown
  7. A most peaceful place which I visit once a week
  8. My imaginative palace
  9. My fantasy vacation destination
  10. My favorite book store
  11. Describing my favorite teacher’s classroom
  12. History museum that I visited recently
  13. A palace that does not exist in real life
  14. My pet loves to spend time in a dog park
  15. My favorite restaurant (or any outdoor place to hang out)

Topics about history

  1. Roman legendary Commander Julius Caesar
  2. Napoleon Bonaparte ruler of France and king of Europe
  3. Voyage of hope and the Mayflower
  4. War of Independence and common Americans
  5. Pearl Harbor: A great tragedy
  6. A significant event in the 21st century
  7. COVID-19: Futuristic implications
  8. The historical significance of the Spanish Flu
  9. The greatest person in history ever lived
  10. A lesson of history is a lesson of life
  11. Tale of a pirate of Caribbean
  12. The origins of Christmas
  13. What if Germany had won the Second World War
  14. How Hitler managed to change the course of history?
  15. Role of Winston Churchill in the Second World War

Topics about science, religion, and philosophy

  1. My religious values/religious confession
  2. How do people perceive God?
  3. The most influential philosopher in history
  4. Liberal/secular meaning of life
  5. Artificial intelligence is new technology!
  6. Merits and demerits of scientific inventions
  7. An imaginative meeting with God
  8. The philosophy of an individual’s life
  9. A scientific theory that revolutionized my life
  10. Adventures with science
  11. A great inventor and scientist
  12. The fantasies related to time travel theory

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