55 Topics for Highly Interactive Persuasive Speeches

It seems like you have been commanded to prepare a highly interactive persuasive speech for obtaining high grades. If so, then you are on the right site. There are numerous compelling speech topics available on the internet but remember you can only make a speech interactive and impactful if the topic is of your interest.

Before looking for topics, first, decide which area interests you the most. Determine if your field of interest is technology, environment, animals, science, music, fictional stories, etc. once you have selected the area, finding persuasive speech topics related to that area will be a lot easier. Since it is possible that you might be interested in more than one area, this article has brought together 55 best persuasive speech topics that you can find interesting.

Topics related to the environment

If you are a person who ponders what is happening in the environment, you can go for the following topics. You might find some of the topics challenging, but for that, you can reach out to an online essay writer because these writers are experts in creating effective speeches.

  1. High global temperature is leading to unmanageable damages.
  2. Human activities contribute to climate change.
  3. Is recycling an important procedure?
  4. How can water be conserved for future generations?
  5. Paper bags are worth more than plastic bags.
  6. Clothing brands are increasing pollution.
  7. Effect of manufacturing of goods on climate
  8. Factories should alter their ways of production.
  9. Manufacturing of products is more beneficial than harmful.
  10. Services should be preferred over products.

Topics related to the education system

When you are going for a persuasive speech, keep in mind to add facts that can make your speech effective. If you are struggling with how to add the facts, take guidance from online writing services. Once I requested a professional online writer to write my paper for me, it would be great. For obtaining good grades, sometimes it becomes necessary to take help from expert writers.

  1. Is favoritism justified in the education system?
  2. Bullying is solely for the purpose of fun
  3. The psychological impact of bullying
  4. Uniform should be made mandatory at the university level
  5. The government is providing enough funds for public schools
  6. Quality of education is different in public and private schools
  7. Underprivileged students do not have access to private schools
  8. The USA is lacking in providing quality education
  9. Punishment is important as much as reward
  10. Schools should start late

Topics related to freedom and privacy

  1. The effects of surveillance capitalism
  2. Organizations should limit their access to employees’ data
  3. Surveillance capitalism is violating the right to privacy
  4. Social media sites illegally share data
  5. Freedom of speech should be limited in the online world
  6. Privacy is more important than freedom
  7. Online websites are trustworthy
  8. twenty reasons to declare the online world fake
  9. Instagram is more secure than Facebook
  10. Online brands share information without users’ consent

Topic related to science and technology

  1. Technology has increased the leisure time
  2. Technology has more negative effects
  3. Contribution of technology in the global economy
  4. 50 reasons that technology is providing a better life
  5. Advance technological developments versus prehistoric innovations
  6. How space studies have evolved with time
  7. Role of NASA in scientific discoveries
  8. How is the weather in space affecting Earth?
  9. Uses and effects of black holes
  10. White holes are significantly different from black holes.

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Topics related to entertainment

  1. Series are more entertaining than movies.
  2. Comedy movies get more viewership.
  3. The psychological impact of horror movies
  4. The cathartic effect of tragic movies
  5. Why are songs easy to remember?
  6. Role of Walt Disney in entertainment
  7. “The Simpsons” is a political satire.
  8. Side effects of violent games
  9. Children should not be allowed to watch cartoons.
  10. TV shows are changing societal values.

General topics

  1. Banning capital punishment is essential.
  2. Computers are replacing textbooks.
  3. Animal safety is as important as human safety.
  4. The education system needs to be reformed.
  5. Unnecessary manufacturing of goods should be banned.

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