Interesting essay topics for Students in 2020

The selection of an essay topic can help you to increase your writing skills while capturing the attention of your teacher. While there are many types of essay, it may depend on your talents and taste, if your teacher does not choose a topic for you.

In order to help an essay writer in choosing a topic, please consider this list of topics divided into different categories.

Argumentative essay topics

  • Is there too much pressure on teenagers to go to college?
  • Should more rights be given to immigrants?
  • Do TV shows and movies have the responsibility of being more diverse?
  • How “fake news” changes political and social life?
  • How do reality shows impact society?
  • < Should the United States make English the official national language?/li>

Persuasive essay topics

  • Should students be allowed to use phones in elementary and high schools?
  • Should all American citizens have to complete a year of community service?
  • Should teenage girls be allowed to get birth control without the permission of their parents?
  • Is it time to reform immigration laws?
  • Should children who commit violent crimes be tried as adults?

Compare and contrast essay topics

  • Antebellum Era vs. Reconstruction Era in American History.
  • Similarities and differences between Star Wars and Star Trek
  • Cats vs. dogs: which ones make better pets.
  • New England Colonies vs. Middle Colonies OR vs. Southern Colonies.
  • Communism vs. Capitalism.

Cause and effect essay topics

  • What is the effect of family vacations on family relationships?
  • What effect did human curiosity have in relation to our planet?
  • What are the causes of environmental catastrophes?
  • How technology development affects the state of nature?
  • What are the causes of technological advancements in Japan?

Narrative essay topics

  • Write about a time when you got hurt on the playground. What happened?
  • An example of rebellion from your life.
  • Tell about morality problems that bother you and why.
  • A negative example of cowardice.
  • Tell me about something you had a personal morality challenge.

Expository essay topics

  • Explain the social significance of wearing a uniform at school.
  • Explain the possible consequences of dropping out of college.
  • Describe the changes in communication in the last 20 years since the internet emerged.
  • Explain why tolerance in the workplace is crucial.
  • Define the causes and effects of not voting in elections

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

The choice of compare and contrast college essay topics is not an easy task because you need to show your analytical skills. Below you can find several suggestions regarding the choice of correct topics for compare and contrast essays.

  • What Is the Best Choice for Contemporary Students: Traditional Education or Remote Learning?
  • Fascism and Nazism: Are These Two Concepts Different or the Same?
  • Gender Issues: Different Mental Processes of Females and Males.
  • Is Being a Freelancer a good alternative to being a Full-time Employee?
  • Facebook or MySpace: Which Social Network Offers More Opportunities?
  • Anorexia Nervosa and Obesity: What Is More Dangerous?
  • Sources with Free Access and Rights Reserved: Should We Protect Intellectual Property?

Informative Essay Topics

  • Methods of Improving Health Standards in German Schools.
  • How Can We Improve American Football to Make It Safer?
  • The Importance of Having a Democratic System of Government.
  • Types of Social Evils in Poorly Developed Countries.
  • Why Should You Install Reliable Cyber Security Measures in Your Company?
  • Essential Health Tips for Pregnant Women Who Are Travelling by Plane?
  • Methods of Preventing Excessive Air Pollution from Factories.

Proposal Essay Topics

  • Can Money Motivate to Work Better? How to Lead a Light-hearted Life without Being Terrified about Your Income?
  • Should Children in High School Learn Religious Studies as a part of the Curriculum? How to Make It Work for All Religions?
  • In What Ways Does Educational Process Depend on Both Students and Teachers? How Can Students and Teachers Make the Education Process More Effective?
  • Why Do We Take Misunderstanding for Hatred: Ways to Cope with Excessively Strong Emotions in Relationships between Parents and Children?
  • Does Society Treat People with Disabilities Well? Can We Change Anything to Improve the Lives of People with Disabilities?
  • Do We Still Need to Bother with Environmental Protection? What Can We Do Every Day to Change the Situation?
  • How Should Corporations Reward Employees, Apart from Paying Money?

Controversial Essay Topics

  • The Role of a Teacher’s Behavior in Case of Signs of Child Abuse
  • Factors That Can Convert Computer Games into Real-life Violence Stimulators
  • The Role and the Impact of Prostitution on the Overall Economy of Canada
  • The Ethics of Euthanasia and Physician-assisted Suicide
  • Global Warming: Is It Real or Is It Propaganda?
  • The History of the LGBTQ Community
  • Vaccinations: Mandatory for Public School Entrance

Social Media Essay Topics

  • Should People Be Judged by Their Social Media Profiles?
  • Is It Possible to Find a Mate Using Online Dating Sites or Are They Just Scams? Can People Develop Long-term Relationships Using Dating Sites?
  • Should Texting and Driving Be Illegal?
  • Is Technology Making Human Attention Spans Shorter?
  • Can Social Media like Pinterest Be Used in the Classroom?
  • Does Social Media Negatively Impact the social lives of Young People?
  • ow Does Social Media Change Relationships between Parents and Children?

Funny Essay Topics

  • Why Shouldn’t You Believe All That You Hear On Infomercials?
  • Why Do Most People Love Watching Funny Animal Videos?
  • Why Don’t You Know Anything Other Than Gaming?
  • Are Violent Videos Frying Our Young Brains?
  • Why Spam Emails Are My Favorite Types Of Emails?
  • Do You Know What Your Pet Dog Is Thinking?
  • Why Can’t You Shop Anywhere But Wal-Mart?
  • Do You Love Using Your Surname?
  • Does Smoking Pot Make You A Better Email Writer?
  • Why Do Teenage Workers Have The Most Terrible Jobs?
  • How Do You Feel When An Officer Issues You With A Ticket For Overfeeding?
  • Here Are Three Important Things Your Driving Instructor Is Ignoring.
  • Reasons Why You Should Feel Happy When Your Computer Crashes.
  • Smoking Is Known To Improve Your Health.
  • All Men Know How To Pick The Right Clothes.
  • Reasons Why You Can’t Live Without Your Early Morning Starbucks Coffee.
  • Thank You, Teacher; I Wanted To Go On Detention!
  • School Dropouts Are The Best In Our Society.
  • Disobeying Your Parents Can Quickly Lead To Success.
  • We Always Know What Animals Are Thinking.
  • You Can Write Better Essays Even Without Practice.
  • The Best Students Are Those Who Never Pay Attention In Class.

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