An introduction to the ASA Format and citation style for sociology students

ASA Formatting and Citation

American Sociological Association or ASA style is offered for publication in ASA Journals to authors organizing manuscripts. The author-date format is used in the ASA style for in-text citations, which is adopted by The Chicago Manual of Style. Add digression which comprises the last name of the essay writer and work's year of publication, afterward a reference or quotation. This style is also used in the writing of research papers.

General Formatting Guidelines

Here are some of the guidelines that you must follow to format your essays and papers or you can ask others to write my essay .

In the document, all the text, references, endnotes, and footnotes should be doubled spaced, in an Arial font size of 12 points. Margins on all four sides must be 1 inch. The first page or title page must begin with the title and abstract. The abstract should be 150-200 words in length, in a pertinent language. Start the text of the paper on the next page with the heading of the title of the paper.

The title page should include the title of the research, the name, and the name of the institution along with the running head. Always begin with a new page with a heading Introduction followed by body paragraphs and summarizing the research in the conclusion part.

The abstract should be started with a new page and a title abstract. The abstract should have five to six keywords. The abstract should describe the research work and summary of the article and how the research has been a help in resolving the problem.

Three levels of subheadings should be used in the body of the text. The first level's placement must be in non-bold, and in caps. A heading should not start with "introduction". At the second level, headings must be based on title case, italicized words, and non-bold fonts. The third level head must be italicized and left-justify. Bold font should not be used here as well and capitalized only as of the first word.

Citation of materials for narrow accessibility endnotes and footnotes can be used. However, the use of endnotes is more frequent in comparison to footnotes. They must be restricted to 100 words or less than that. The numbering of endnotes and footnotes in the whole text should be sequential with superscript Arabic numerals. The numbering of pages, figures, and tables must be consecutive.

In-text Guide

The in-text citation is used in the text when a reference to a quote, paraphrase, or summary from another source is needed. An equivalent entry in the reference list must be present. The elementary method of citation comprises the author's last name, the publication year of work, and page number when taken from a definite passage of work. Include a page number after the year of publication with a colon. In case you need help, ask a paper writing service to do it for you.

For Example: (year of publication): (page number)

If a quotation is to be added in the text, mention quotation marks at the start and end of a quote. Then mention citation along with the period.

For Example: "(quote)" (year of publication: page number)

For the citation of the author's name in the text, mention the author's name then the publication year of his work.

For Example (name of the author) (publication year)

If the name of the author is not in the text, mention the name and year of publication together in parenthesis.

For Example , (author name and year of publication)

If three authors are to be mentioned, the first citation in the text gives last names. Then use 'et al' after first names. And for more than three use 'et al' after the last name of the 1st author.

For Example

(Names of all three authors and publication year); (name of 1st author 'et al. publication year)

For example, the in-text citation would be, (Wach 2019), (Gottdiener 2019), (Korom 2020) for one author and (Altman, Hunter, and Biddle 2018), (Meja, Misgeld, and Stehr 2019) for more than two authors and (Lu et al. 2020) for more than three authors.

References guide

References must have a separate section and there must be a citation of them all in the text. List all the references alphabetically by the last names of authors. There must be an inversion of the name of the author, for two or more than two authors invert the name of the 1st author. Double-space all the references. If authorship is repetitive use instead of 6 hyphens and a dot i.e. "------."

Examples of ASA Format for Sociology Students

Complete references for ASA Format will be something like that

Articles and Journal Article References

Altman, Jon, Boyd Hunter, and Nicholas Biddle. 2018. How Realistic Are the Prospects for closing the Gaps’ in Socioeconomic Outcomes for Indigenous Australians? Canberra, ACT: Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (CAEPR), The ….

Gottdiener, Mark. 2019. “New Urban Sociology.” The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional Studies 1–5.

Korom, Philipp. 2020. “The Prestige Elite in Sociology: Toward a Collective Biography of the Most Cited Scholars (1970-2010).” The Sociological Quarterly 61(1):128–63.

Lu, Jintao, Licheng Ren, Chong Zhang, Mengshang Liang, Nerijus Stasiulis, and Justas Streimikis. 2020. “Impacts of Feminist Ethics and Gender on the Implementation of CSR Initiatives.” Filosofia. Sociologija 31(1).

For Books

Meja, Volker, Dieter Misgeld, and Nico Stehr. 2019. Modern German Sociology. Routledge.

Wach, Joachim. 2019. Sociology of Religion. Vol. 16. Routledge.

If periodical titles and books need mentioning, then italics or underlines must be used. If there are several works of one author arrange them in the order of publication years. For different works from the same year add letters after year (e.g. (year) 1234a, 1234b, and 1234c). If there is no date write "N.d." instead. Mention the country's name for the cities of foreign.

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