Key Features of a Press Release – Guide

Writing a press release may indeed be a critical task for one. A key to writing an effective press release lies in the ability of the work to capture the attention of the reader. By its key headlines and through explaining each and every point the reader wants to know in the beginning. There are several purposes for which press releases are prepared. Hence, points different press releases include may differ a lot. Because one press release may be written for one purpose while another for another which may even be completely different.

For example, a company creates press releases for communication purposes or to give general information about something. While the purpose of a press release written as an academic assignment would never have a similar purpose. Hence, you (as a student) should take care accordingly when writing a press release.

But the main concern is how you can write your own press release as needed as well as with perfection. Hence, we are going to list out key features of a press release. So, you will better understand what to include when writing your own or you can ask others to write my essay.

Key Features of a Press Release

  • 1. Compelling Headline

    A perfect and attractive headline is the key to success for a reporter and even the writer. Same as any other title, the headline of any kind of press release is the piece that enables the writer to put the first impression. It is also used to announce the subject with a strong impression. Hence, the first and foremost feature of any press release is it would have a perfect headline.

    For a writer, it is very important that the headline should be kept short when writing the press. But they should make sure that it is made compelling. The headline is the place where you will think that “is the press interesting and credible” and “should I continue reading the piece”? You think about your own experience when you are scrolling for a news article. One cannot deny that he or she clicks on the headline that looks more interesting and attention-grabbing to him/her.

  • 2. Revealing leading paragraph

    Keep in mind, every reporter read a large number of articles and press releases each day. They do this to get possibly the biggest amount of information and details. They always want to keep themselves updated about every event and happening. But they do completely read every article but try to pick details and main informative points from the lead paragraph. Similarly, every reader (beyond reporters) does the same.

    Keeping the leading or first paragraph informative but possibly concise is a key to get details across. You may fail to grab the reader's attention if you fail to do this perfectly. Despite the leading paragraph, chances of giving a skim read to the remaining press release are always high. Hence, always make sure that you answer the what, who, when, why, and wherein the lead paragraph of your press. More, each and every key point about the announcement must be addressed in this part. So, you will successfully get the reader to read.

    You addressed all the core details in this section! Perfect! You can now write the remaining press as supporting work or information. Remember, you can always get help from an essay writing service.

  • 3. Appropriate timing

    Every press release is written and launched for a specific event and for a specific time. Before you even reach a reporter, research about the time you are going to launch the press. It would be better if you find that something big is going to happen at that time. You will also find that reporters would be busy due to that big event. Hence, your chances to reach your ideal reporter may be slim.

    Even though a similar statement could be given when it comes to getting rapid feedback outreach. In case the announcement of your client is timely and appropriate to the ongoing discussion then consider a quicker jump. So, you would have higher chances of success. In short, take serious care of relevant timing and that perfect and suitable timing is a key feature of a press release.

  • 4. Supportive statements and quotes

    No doubt that some press releases compromise on facts and figures. But this should not be the case. Your press release should never compromise facts and statistics (as needed). Supporting quotes and statements give you an opportunity to show a more/highly human element.

    But remember; you must be an expert writer when it comes to avail this opportunity. You can avail of it even if you are a good essay writer. Consequently, do not think that you will need completely different writing skills when it comes to writing a press release.

    All you need to do is put a relevant quote or statement from the main spokesperson. You can include a quote or statement about the reason the news is much ground backing. As well as you can put about the vision of the main spokesperson.

    Adding quotes may be great because they can add credibility and validation to the release. As well as to the announcement.

  • 5. Clear and strong “call to action”

    A press release can be good if it ends with a strong “call to action” statement. Do not leave the reader struggling to find information about the event or news. A reader will read your release for the first time. But they would not read more from you when you leave them excavating to get more info. Hence, a clear and strong “call to action” is a major characteristic of a press release.

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