Key Features of a Professional and Quality Essay – Guide

The Dilemma of Writing the Perfect Essay...

The prospect of writing the perfect college essay can induce a range of feelings from enthusiasm, apprehension, intimidation to outright anxiety. There is a chance that there you start right away and then fail to grapple with the feeling that your writing is not up to the mark or feel the burden from the outset even before you start writing.

You hardly need to put yourself through any kind of stress because there is no way that you can never ace an essay. Your urge to make everything perfect probably reflects instincts that want you to excel. Any job that must be done can be broken down into a bunch of core essentials that you need to execute it smoothly.

Knowing the Steps Always Helps…

The essays are just the same. If you know just which steps to follow, the essay will be written before you know it. Even so, these suggestions are not to be taken as some rigid set of regulations, rather a soft nudge towards guiding you. Once you have gotten the hang of it, you can most certainly put your spin on it and let those ideas and words flow!

A good essay is always based on something personally important to you. This, in my view, is the key to writing something that can reach out to readers and form a connection with them that they want to savor.

I know what you are going to say. You don’t always have the liberty of choosing a topic by yourself. That may be true but the freedom that you have is regarding how you interpret the topic. If you feel that the subject does not interest you at all, you have to work on that before you move on. Remember, you will only express what you feel about the topic. If all you have is some shallow way to connect a bunch of ideas that don’t ring true to you, the lack of interest is going to be reflected in your work.

Research, Research, and More Research…

Research the life out of your subject matter and find something that calls out to you in a deeper, personal way. It can be anything relevant to the topic that you feel you can have something to say about. This will put you on the right path towards writing a strong essay.

A readable and enjoyable essay has a good hook. Ideally, an essay writer can aim as high as he wants and organize his essay around the strongest of ideas and concepts. Practically, you have all but a few seconds to either grab the attention of your reader or lose it for the rest of your content.

Hooks and Thesis Statements…

Your essay has to start with an appealing hook that makes your reader want to read everything that the essay has to offer and be convinced that their time and energy will not be wasted.

Thesis statements can mean the difference between an alive or dead essay. When your essay is alive, it thrills the soul and energy that a strong, authentic, and unique thesis statement can provide. Such statements are the crux of the essay that you have penned down. It must be valid, based on facts, relevant to the topic, and be able to hold its own amidst any kind of argument against it. The context that you have steeped it in needs to be cemented in iron-clad logic and reliable research.

Body Paragraphs…

Each paragraph of your essay has to present a solid argument or idea that is directly related to the thesis of your piece. One paragraph must represent one topic sentence that can be supported by several supporting sentences. These topic sentences are the ones that need to seem like they are links of the same chain that come one after another and complete am an exquisite piece of jewelry, not as if they have been forced together and don’t belong in the string or with each other.

Ideas have to be connected and logically related. The sentences need to be simple and sophisticated instead of long and complicated. They must not be wordy. Flowery language only looks like a humongous cliché and ruins any rapport that your essay has the potential of establishing with the reader.

Credit Where it is Due…

Cite proper references wherever you paraphrase someone else’s work. You can’t present any information that does not belong to you without crediting the owner who has all the rights to it. The references must be made to reliable sources. Try to include only peer-reviewed content so that there is no question of the writing being inauthentic and unoriginal.

A sense of organization must prevail in your essay. Don’t overwhelm the reader by providing way more information than can be easily understood and digested. Never tap into controversial ideas that may be offensive to any gender, sexuality, community, religion, or ethnicity. Make your content as inclusive as possible.

Well-Written Conclusions

A well-written essay has a conclusion that is neat and straightforward, reiterating the main thesis and leaving the reader with some food for thought. You have to stop the litany of “help me write my essay for free” in the wake of these instructions. You can also get some effective guidance from online writing services that offer their professional services while charging so low that it doesn't even matter!

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