Key features of Persuasive Essay Writing - Guide

Stuck in a persuasive essay or the one you wrote does not seem convincing enough? Well, that may be because of several reasons. You might have been looking for shortcuts that were not very effective. Shortcuts can be effective but they compromise on the quality of the content mostly. This is the reason, you must go through the guide at least one to know about key features of the essay.

  1. 1. Engaging topic

    Picking a topic is very crucial for the persuasive essay as it will then direct your stance on the topic and whole essay. Make sure to pick a topic that is not much debated on. If you are given a topic by an instructor but you think it is boring then you choose an interesting aspect of the topic which has not been discussed more before. Or you can also pay for essay to get a good one in no time.

  2. 2. Great hook

    The first few sentences of your introduction serve as the hook which has the purpose of grabbing the attention of the readers. You use a quote or a question for an interesting hook. No matter what hook you use, make sure it is intriguing for the readers.

  3. 3. Strong thesis statement

    A thesis statement is crucial to any type of essay but its importance increases even more for this type of essay. In your thesis statement, tell the reader what they can expect from the essay. You must state your position in very clear words so that the readers know your stance. It will also be helpful for you to have a defined purpose as you begin the body of the essay.

  4. 4. Based on facts

    One significant key feature of the essay is that it is built on the facts and not your opinion. Facts are derived from credible sources and must be used efficiently when you are trying to convince your readers. This will help you build credibility and give the readers a reason to believe in what you tell them.

  5. 5. Use of ethos, pathos, and logos

    Ethos, pathos, and logos are the basic persuasive devices used in academic writing. They provide essay help to place adequate emphasis on the key points and use the evidence to prove a point. If you are not familiar with these, it is highly suggested that you learn about them and review some examples.

  6. 6. Use of proper language

    Other than the use of ethos, pathos, and logos, you are required to use the proper language for the persuasive essay. For instance, use active voice instead of passive voice. Becoming fluent in this type of language when writing is quite difficult for beginners. This might take a while as well. If you have a close deadline then one easy way is to ‘write my paper cheap’ available online but make sure you are contacting only the legit writing services. Else it might become quite troubling for you. Remember to keep the tone of the essay formal.

  7. 7. Logical sequence

    Not in all the persuasive essays, but in a few, you will be required to make sense of the sequence of the key points you add. For the essays which state the benefits or series of disadvantages, there must be a logical sequence where one benefit or disadvantage leads to another.

  8. 8. Use of transitions

    When shifting from one idea to another or one paragraph to another, you should include the transition words or phrases. If I were to write essay for me, I would first build an outline to organize all the ideas I had. This will build cohesiveness in your essay and all the points will make sense. In this way, your reader will be able to comprehend and be convinced easily.

  9. 9. Credible sources

    As stated before, the essay must use proper evidence from various types of sources. There is a need for you only the sources which are credible and reputable. If you use the sources which are not verified then your credibility is compromised. This may affect your grade hugely. In addition to this, cite all the sources once your essay is complete.

  10. 10. Efficient use of word count

    In most of the cases, a specific word count is provided for the essay which must be followed else it results in a penalty. You can use your outline to divide and use the word count efficiently. Provide adequate word count to the body paragraphs so you can include much evidence.

  11. 11. Include counter argument

    Be sure to include a counter-argument and refute it using the evidence from your research. The readers will know that you acknowledge the opposite view and how it is not strong enough.

  12. 12. Proper conclusion

    Many students ignore the conclusion and only state the key points back into it from the body paragraphs. This defeats the purpose of writing a conclusion. The conclusion is meant to offer the writer another chance to place all the key points to prove their argument.

One more important thing to do is to proofread your essay. Even if your argument is strong and the evidence is enough to convince your readers, you still need to make sure that there are no mistakes in the essay. All in all the purpose of writing the persuasive essay must be fulfilled. When in college, the persuasive essay is a common assignment for most of the courses. The skills developed when composing this type of essay are beneficial and come handy in everyday life which is why the instructor gives it this much importance. Mastering the skills of persuasion surely takes time but you should keep practicing to do as much as you can. Make sure to follow this guide when composing your persuasive essay.

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