Key Methods of Qualitative Research - An Overview

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is a type of research that is based on the ideas and data collected through open-ended sessions or any type of conversational techniques. Qualitative research is generally based on two concepts; what people think and the reasons behind specific thinking of the considered parties. Non-numeric data is used in qualitative research to analyze opinions, thoughts, ideas, and concepts. This type of research is more commonly used in the social sciences and humanities. In addition to social sciences, if we buy essay online, qualitative approaches can also be observed in those essay write-ups as well. This shows the extensive and common use of qualitative research methods. If confused, you can ask others to write my paper.

Qualitative research is used when a certain experience of an individual or a group of individuals is under analysis. The participants of the research are asked direct questions about various cases of the same topic which are then compared and contrasted to arrive at a result. This type of research is often termed as subjective research because it lacks concrete numbers and statistics. The most common variables that are analyzed using qualitative research are emotions, behaviors, experiences, body language, tones, and reactions through careful observations. These practices are observed in the works of ‘essay writing service’ that do not usually take help from statistical data.


Qualitative research is more attractive for social scientists due to their keen interest to investigate the relationship between actions and attributes of people. It is used to analyze the relationships between two or more variables subjectively, such as the relations between poverty and anger issues in people. Qualitative factors explain the existence of this relationship along with the trend that is observed in the relationship.

Key Methods of Qualitative Research

Data for qualitative research is gathered through several methods. The data collectors use their observing skills and intelligence to collect perceptions and behaviors of the sample from a population under observation. Some of the methods of qualitative research include:

  • Direct observations: the essay writer observes the daily life activities and behaviours of the considered segments without asking any questions or interfering in their activities. The participants of this kind of study are normally unaware of the research, which is why the data collected through this method is done in open settings with very little privacy. For example, a researcher might want to analyze how a targeted person interacts with strangers in public.
  • Open-ended surveys: use of surveys to collect data is more common in quantitative research. However, some surveys are designed specifically to be used in qualitative research; these surveys include open-ended questions in which the participants are allowed to write their answers instead of choosing from a list. This type of method is used when the researchers are interested in the reason behind a certain choice of the respondent.
  • Focus groups: a designed conversation is set up for a selected group which the researcher wants to analyze. After a series of conversations, the relevant data is derived to draw the desired results. The Focus group normally consists of 5-10 people. This method is commonly used by social scientists when they are analyzing the behavior of people in a specific community.
  • Participant observation: This method of collecting data is much similar to direct observations. The only difference between the two methods is that in participant observation, the researcher also participates in the activity to gather data.
  • Content analysis: This method involves the use of pictures and words to analyze social settings. The analyzer checks how the pictures are used to explain something, and what kinds of words are included in the explanations. This method is appropriate for analyzing the digital contents.

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