Key Sentence Structure Errors to Avoid in Descriptive Writing

Many teachers complain that sentences written by students start one way and end another way. And it is true but no need to feel bad even if your teacher has told you the same. You are not the only one who has made this mistake, while others make a similar mistake almost all the time.

It happens to students because (sometimes) students lose the track they have set in mind to follow while writing a descriptive essay, and as a result, they are likely to start a sentence one and end it another way. Hence, this blog will assist you if you face the same problem.

Some sentence structure errors are very common, and students make those, which costs them grades. Hence, the following are the key sentence errors that you should avoid in descriptive writing.

  1. 1. Sentences with incomplete meaning
  2. A highly common sentence structure error happens when students think that the dependent clause of the sentence is the complete sentence. In general, the dependent clause of a sentence involves a verb and subject; however, it gives incomplete meaning. Hence, always make sure to avoid taking the dependent part of a sentence as a complete sentence.

    In addition to this, some students make use of connecting words to complete a sentence. However, such thoughts lead them to make mistakes like poor sentence structure. Hence, do not believe that only using connecting words will complete your sentence. Also, ask someone to write my essay for me.

  1. 2. Missing subject or the verb
  2. In most cases, sentence fragments miss the subject or verb of the sentence. This fragment problem occurs when an essay writer or author fails to put the verb or subject in the sentence. Making this error is one of the most critical sentence structure errors.

    In some cases, it can also be witnessed that writers even fail to include both subject and verb. Remember; always get essay help from a professional paper writing service provider if you cannot eliminate this error. Do so because making this mistake may cost you grades.

  1. 3. Misusing the present participle
  2. Professional writers say that misuse of the present participle can lead to destroying the entire meaning of your sentence. As a result, the sentence fails to make sense to the reader. Hence, always make sure to make the correct use of the present participle so that you would eliminate this critical sentence structure error.

    To make good use of present participle in descriptive writing, make sure to use the verb that ends with “ing”. Do so because the present participle is the verb that serves to describe the continuous action or activity. Thus, the present participle could be a kind of modifier, which refers to another section/part of a sentence. However, this is used sometimes to mark the starting point of the predicate. Hence, avoiding doing so may assist in eliminating this error.

  1. 4. Writing too longer sentences
  2. Writing a concise sentence that clearly conveys the full meaning is the most effective way to write a masterful descriptive essay. Such a sentence becomes more efficient when it follows a logical flow. On the other hand, writing too lengthy sentences goes against this kind of essay writing. As a result, too lengthy makes it difficult to follow the sentence.

    To avoid these mistakes, which are considered as a common sentence structure error, try to split our sentences that are too lengthy. According to professional essay writing service providers, the average length of a sentence is approximately 15 to 25 words. Hence, try to follow this word limit so that you would easily overcome this mistake.

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