Key similarities and differences between APA and MLA referencing, formatting, and writing conventions

Who doesn’t like the feeling of looking at the well-organized books on the bookshelves? Of course, everyone loves the feeling of satisfaction that is attained after looking at the things that are properly organized. Similarly, while looking at the well-organized and properly formatted essay or paper you get the same feeling of satisfaction therefore many professors give bonus points to the students who have formatted their essay properly.

There are different formatting styles that can be used by students if their professors haven’t asked for any specific format to be used. However, the most common formats that are widely used in academics are APA and MLA.

If you hit the internet search engine you will see that it is filled with APA Vs MLA formatting style guides and I know that it is very confusing to grasp the idea of both the styles when you aren’t familiar with the basics.

Are you confused between the two formatting styles? Worry no more because this guide will assist you in learning about both styles so that you can pick the one that you believe is suitable for your essay or a research paper or you can ask others to write my essay.

APA and MLA referencing

If you want to get away with plagiarism, then citing all your sources is the only option. Furthermore, it is ethically right to give credit to the authors whose ideas you are using in your essay or research paper to support your claims.

In APA when you are using an idea or using direct quotes from any source you are required to cite the source as well. You need to use the author’s surname from where you have taken the data long with the publication year. If you are using quotes and your professor is asking you to be more specific, then add the page number as well after the publication date and enclose them in round brackets.

Once you are done with the in-text citation you need to make a proper reference list where you can list all the references. In APA for a reference, you need to mention the author’s last name, and then in a round, brackets place the publication year followed by publication date, and then the title of the paper and the link from where it is retrieved from.

In MLA for in-text citations, you need to use only the last name of the author and enclose it in round brackets. However, if you want to add the page number then without using Pp. you can simply add the page number along with the author’s last and enclose it in round brackets.

For the reference page, you need to use the author’s last name which is followed by the author’s first name, and then the title of the source. Make sure that for your reference page you give the heading works cited and place it in the center. In case you need help, ask a paper writing service to do it for you.

APA and MLA formatting

There are a lot of differences when it comes to general formatting in both styles. In APA there is a proper title page wherein the header you need to mention the title of the essay in capital letters on the left side while placing page numbers on the flush right side. After that in the center of the paper, you need to mention the title of your essay then your name, institute’s affiliation, and make them center align.

In MLA however, there is no title page rather on the very first page you are required to put your name, subject name, institution name, and date on the left side of the paper. After that in the very next line place your title without bold and then make it center align.

APA and MLA writing conventions

In both APA and MLA, you need to start a new paragraph with a one-inch indent and you have to use a 12-point font size in Times New Roman. Moreover, there should be a one-inch margin on all sides of the page.

On the contrary, there are different heading styles for both APA and MLA. In APA the first heading must be bold and must be capitalized along with center-aligned while in MLA the first heading must be bold but should be left-aligned.

IN APA the level 2 heading is left aligned and built while in MLA it is also left-aligned but not bold and is in italics. For the level 3 heading in APA, you need to make the heading bold and indented while in MLA you need to make the heading bold and center-aligned.

For the level 4 heading in APA, you have to make the heading bold indented and italics while in MLA make it centered align not bold and italics and in level 5 for APA make your heading indented unbold and italics while in MLA put your heading in the left make it un-bold and don’t forget to underline it.

I know you must be overwhelmed with all the above-mentioned information. However, practice leads an individual to attain perfection therefore make sure that you practice both styles.

If you have to write scientific or sociology papers or essays, then I suggest you use the APA format. On the other hand, if you are writing a literary analysis or history papers then using MLA is the best option. If you aren’t bound to use any specific formatting style, then the choice is up to you.

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