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Composing your research paper? Writing research is no child’s play. It demands research and writing skills as well as the attention of the author. There are so many requirements and formalities that at one point you might feel lost. There is a writing guide on each part of the research paper or college essay for you. Even if you have a short deadline, you can easily go through it and craft a better paper.

Title Page

In a research paper, the first section is the title page. Based on the writing, there will be different types of title pages. The information on all of them is almost the same but in different patterns. Usually, the title page includes the title of your paper, your name (as author), name of your Institution, name of your supervisor, your contact information, and date. Make sure that you follow the format assigned to you.


You may not always require an abstract for your research paper. If you are sedating a complex and lengthy research paper then you should include an abstract at the start. Remember that the abstract must be only one paragraph consisting of 150 to 200 words on average. This abstract will offer the reader a broad View and describe the main theme of your paper.

You can include your research question on which your whole paper is based, the significance of your research topic, methodology, main findings, and conclusion. Make sure that you do not include any references in your abstract. Also, there is no need to include any footnotes in it. If you find yourself in trouble when composing the Abstract, you can hire an essay writer who would compose one while following all the requirements. All you have to do is send your requirements and tell them a deadline. Many quality essay writers provide this service for free or at almost no cost. However, make sure that the writer is legit before you place an order.

Table of content

You can never overemphasize the importance of creating a table of content for a research paper. You need to understand that planning for a research paper is critical and you can easily create a table of content from your outline.

Introduction and Problem Statement

The first part of your content section is the introduction radio will state the main research problem as well as your thesis. Your introduction will tell the audience what exactly you have researched and why it is important to know about the specific problem. You must answer to describe how your research is unique to previous research. Also, describe how your research will fill a gap in the knowledge body. You are not required to write a lengthy justification for your research topic in this part.

Limitations of the Study

Sometimes students forget to include the limitations of all of the research into their research paper. Some students may think that stating the limitations of the research will degrade their research work however it is not true. You are required to tell the readers what you intend to research and what will not be included in this research. It will help you describe the scope of your paper effectively in all the factors which affect the results of your research like time, social factors, geographic location, economic factors, and more.


Briefly describe your research methodology and tell the reader why you choose a specific type of research method. You are also required to tell them about the data collection procedure.

Literature Review

As you conduct your research make sure that you note down all the important points of all the research papers you are going through for background information. You are required to include Citation for all the sources you are using. If I were to write my essay I would note down the key points and build citations during the research. This comes handy when composing the first draft. In this way, you will not have to go back to the source, extract the information again, and build a new citation.

Main Body

Then comes the longest part of your paper in which you are required to write on your research work, support your thesis, and establish your argument on the basis of evidence. Make sure that you focus on the logical development of your thesis with precise reasoning and substantial argumentation.


The last part of your research paper is the content in which you will highlight the result of your research. Include the main points in it so that only reading the conclusion offers the essence of your research paper.

Works Cited/Bibliography and Appendices

You have to include all those references into your work cited or bibliography depending upon the type of your research paper. Apart from that, you have to include an appendix that contains material appropriate for expanding the reader's understanding.

All these sections of a research paper are given in the order which you must follow. You can also rearrange them if you see fit, however, it is recommended that you consult your supervisor on it too. With this guide, you can compose any type of research paper and will improve the quality of your paper significantly as well as save your time going through all the details. Even with tons of tips, tricks, and hacks, you might feel that your research draft is not perfect. This may be because you might not have paid attention to every section of the research paper. With shortcuts, you can gather info on paper, but it will not guarantee a perfect research paper on how it should be.

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