Last-minute essay writing guide for high school students

Students come across many activities during their educational careers. Essay writing is one major activity that the students have to undertake many times. Not all students can work through a week on an essay assignment because they may be working somewhere or they may have too much pressure from other subjects. The students may have sleepless nights because of the workload which may hurt their health as well.

In the following lines, we will look at a solution for such students. We will present some tips which can be used to write an essay at the last minute.

All possible disturbances should be closed

The students are used to looking at the various social media content and notifications during their college days. These notifications can distract your mind when you are about to hit a major point. You have to focus much more on the essay writing exercise at the last moment and they should close down all such distractions. It is difficult to follow the grammar rules or may commit many spelling mistakes while writing. Since you are getting help from the internet, it is time to block all the social media sites as long as your essay is not complete.

Go through the requirements

You may assume that you know everything about the assignment but that is not true because there are many small bits of information that you do not know about. You should take a page and note all the major requirements on that. You may know how to write my essay for me but each assignment provides you with a slightly different challenge. The number of words, referencing style, the topic, and the major points to be included in the essay. You can make a rough outline according to the essay topic. The number of points that you wish to include and the division of words. Sometimes, the instructor may have specified the number of words to be added to the specific sections. In that case, write the number of words with the section heading so that you know how much to write in each section.

Set the time limit

The essay writer knows the scope of the assignment and can set the time accordingly. There is not much time available at hand so you should give yourself ample time to complete the assignment. It is better to break the assignment into three distinct sections, pre-write, write, and post-write so that you know the time allotted for each one of them. This approach will allow you to include every important detail in your essay. The pre-write section may also be considered the brainstorming which may require two to three hours. You can extract all the important ideas related to your essay from the internet. The brainstorming may result in the development of an acceptable outline for your essay.

Research the sources properly

Once the outline is prepared, you are ready to start searching for the relevant sources. The research will help you in finding reliable and up-to-date sources for your essay. The starting point of the research may be the keywords from the essay topic. This will provide you with the most relevant sources. The ideas should be developed by using reliable and credible sources like journals, books, etc. If you need professional assistance, consult an essay writing service now.

Revise the outline

The research will help you with the outline prepared after brainstorming sessions. You can spend some time outlining the essay so that the track for your essay can be ascertained. All the sections of the essay will be defined properly and their relative points will be added to them. The points will be gradually expanded while writing the essay. The essay consists of three major parts namely introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction may be subdivided into the background and the thesis statement or research question. The background should explain the reason for choosing the topic and the thesis statement should depict the topic in a summarized form. The body section will require the evidence to prove the thesis statement or answer the research question. Each paragraph of this section should present a single point at a time. The topic sentence will help you to connect the paragraph with the thesis statement and the concluding sentence will allow you to summarize the whole paragraph. The conclusion will summarize the whole essay. Without an outline, you will end up writing a disorganized essay because some points may be missing and some other points may be repeated by you or you can ask others to write my paper.

Use technology

You should use the word processing software to compile the essay. This will provide you many benefits especially in the post-writing stage. The spell-check option can be used to find and correct any spelling mistakes. The Grammarly add-on should be used to rectify any mistakes related to grammar and sentence structure. The originality of the content can also be checked by running it through various programs. Since you have less time at hand, you should use these options to save time. Use the built-in feature of referencing the sources both in-text and at the end to save even more time.

Read before submission

After going through all the stages, you should read the essay thoroughly before submitting it. This will give you an idea if some phrase or sentence does not fit well into the context. You may also find some wordy sentences or some missing points in the essay. All these things can be noted through reading.

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