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Ran out of content in the middle of writing an essay? Don’t know how to cover the space to meet the word count for your essay assignment? Don’t worry if you got stuck in this situation every student has to go through this. I know essay writing can become the most frustrating and tough thing to do, especially when the subject of your writing is difficult, it is about something that you have very little or no knowledge about. At such a moment you must find yourself staring at the half-done paper and thinking of ways to extend the word count to make your essay alive. Most students make this mistake of adding up the relevant content just to enhance the word count but it gives a poor impression to the readers. An essay writer needs to build relevant content in your essay to increase the length of the essay.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to make your essay longer by adding informative content I will share tips and tricks that will help you out with this issue. First of all, you have to be aware of the requirements, characteristics, subject, and instructions of the essay writing. You need to know how to construct an effective essay following all the requirements and the instruction that came along with it. In order to write a well-organized and structured essay, you have to follow a specific formatting style suggested to you by your instructor. Writing an essay is an art and minute details of art make it more appealing so you have to take care of things like font size, page requirement, page number, word count, title page, and referencing list.

Tips to extend the word count of your Essay

  1. 1. Add Relevant Examples

    Start writing your essay by researching the subject of the essay. Note down all the important details, develop arguments and supporting arguments to state your opinion in a better way. When you start writing try to look into the opposing views as well to be able to analyze your essay better. Adding evidence to support your arguments makes your essay more effective and credible so you can add relevant examples to each argument to extend the word count. It is a great way of increasing the word count to add examples to make your point of view stronger and impactful to the readers. Adding examples is a good idea but you need to ensure that you have added relevant examples to support your arguments in an essay. You can use real-life scenarios, historic and statistical examples to make your essay lengthy and effective.

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  2. 2. Add Expert Quotes

    You may add quotations and famous sayings that hype up your arguments to enhance the impact of your write-up. It is another great way of adding words to your essay without dragging it and going off the topic to support your claims. You can search credible and relative famo8us quotes or sayings to add up in your essay to increase the word count. You have to cite the sources of the quotes as well to make sure that no plagiarism occurs.

  3. 3. Avoid using short Forms of the Words

    Try not to use short forms of words in your essay. If you are writing a formal essay you should avoid using ‘wouldn’t’, don’t, wanna, etc you have to write a full form of the words like would not, do not, and want to. It will help you increase the word count of the essay as well. You should keep the word count checked so that you would have a clear idea of how many more words are needed to be added.

  4. 4. Be more descriptive and Informative

    Another way of making your essay longer is to be more descriptive and informative about the subject of your essay. You have to ensure that you describe each and every aspect of the topic so that no information gets skipped. Being descriptive helps you stay on track and to cover up the space to meet the word count requirements of your essay.

  5. 5. Add all necessary Information

    If you are running out of content but you have to reach the word limit of the essay any way you can revise your essay and match with the requirements. Add the minor details that are required to increase the word limit. Some sections of the essay need to be improved by adding more information or a piece of evidence to strengthen the arguments. Once you have added the information in different parts of your essay you need to give a read to your essay to ensure the conformity of the essay.

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