Learn how to Format a 500 words Personal Statement

All around the world, admission committees require personal statements from their students to learn detailed information about them. What drives them? What are their goals and struggles? What beliefs do they challenge? What are the dynamics of their thought process? All these questions and a lot of other information is answered through a personal statement. In the same way, how is a potential student important for a degree program or how will he or she contribute to the success of that program through various opportunities, collaborations, and conferences can also be assessed through a personal statement.

A personal statement does not have to be an elaborate curriculum vitae, rather it has to be a meaningful and efficient self-reflection. It should not be a plea or a colorful justification as to why someone is worthy of being admitted in a particular degree program. Through a personal statement, students are provided with a golden opportunity to introduce their unique personalities to the admission committees without meeting them physically. Therefore, students are advised to set their best foot forward and not be hesitant in any regard.

Students have to consider a lot of possibilities and various pieces of advice coming from diversified sources before writing a personal statement. Different people, including parents, extended family members, instructors, and peers will give different pieces of advice to a student. Finally, it is up to a student which kind of advice he or she wants to embrace. Students also have to consider the types of educational institutions in which they are applying for a scholarship because the format and content can differ. If you are still confused, ask others to write my essay for me.

This guide will inform students about the formatting of a personal statement. A personal statement generally has two forms. First is a general, overall, and comprehensive statement about a student and it provides an all-encompassing outlook on the life of the student. The second type of personal statement responds to very specific questions and mostly, businesses and graduate schools require this kind of personal statement. A personal statement format on the web can provide students with the necessary information but to craft a winning personal statement, there is a need to refresh the basics in order to hone the writing skills. There are several sets of eyes that review a particular personal statement, therefore the opinions, beliefs, and perspectives of several segments of the society have to be considered before writing a personal statement.

Personal statements are typically limited to 500 words and they are typed on a single page. Personal statements should be detailed, clear, and concise. Every single paragraph in a personal statement must be focused on a separate idea. To avoid repetition and redundancy, variation in words must be used, but all those words with which the essay writer is unaware can be avoided.

All the paragraphs in a personal statement should be single-spaced. However, there needs to be an extra line that separates two paragraphs from each other. To help the admission committees and any reader who may read the statement, a formatting convention and standard typeface must be used by the students. If the personal statement exceeds one page, all the pages must have the header of the name of the applicant along with the page number. Some schools also require supplementary materials to be submitted. For instance, CVs resumes, and all the peer-reviewed published works and presentations. Others, though, do not even consider these additions.

Before starting the essay, all the directions have to be read and every single one needs to be followed. Students also make a common mistake where they tend to forget or get distracted from the main question that is asked from the prompt.

Editing should not accompany the writing process of a personal statement. First, the complete personal statement must be written, and then it should be edited. Incorrect word usage can also pose problems in the right formatting of the personal statement. After completing the first draft, a break should be taken before reading it again. Committee members can be annoyed and the statement can appear to be unimpressive and sloppy if there are minor grammatical mistakes. Unfamiliar jargon also needs to be avoided and all those self-reflection concepts which are new to the students should be skipped or hire a write my paper service to do it for you.

After the statement has been written and the first draft is complete, then the statement should be read a few times. Have two or more people read the statement for the purpose of proofreading. Any individual who knows the applicant closely can be asked if the statement is an accurate representation of the applicant. After reading the personal statement, the readers should feel that the applicant is standing right in front of them. This means that if the statement does not sound like the applicant, then it’s not personal enough.

The writing style must not be too complex. The tone of the personal statement should come off as natural, enthusiastic, and concise. Students should be careful with powerful quotes, bits of humor, or anything which appears unusual. At the same time, they should try to stand out with the introduction. It has to be kept in mind that the admission officers or the scholarship committees do not have the same sense of humor as the applicants. The character and the line limit must be double-checked and all the information must reflect the essential skills which colleges and universities value the most.

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