Learn the Art to Develop an Outstanding Outline for a Classification Essay – Guide

Classification essay is defined as a college essay in which you discuss a class of something. This essay either discusses the type or you come up with an explanation of one of the types that you like. While writing a classification essay, it is important to think about the class or type that you are discussing because a classification essay requires you to come up with your understanding of the topic and develop insights that might be unknown to others. Before writing a full-length essay, it is important to write an outline that tends to be a concise version of the essay.

Writing an outline is important because it helps you develop an understanding of the topic and write the ideas that you will expand in your essay. It would not be wrong to say that writing a classification essay outline is a tough job because in a lengthy essay you can come up with the repetition of the same idea in different forms but there is no space for such actions in an outline. So, in order to help you write a better and productive outline that can help you earn good grades I am sharing some quick hacks that can help you develop a strong outline,

  1. 1. Choice of topic
  2. It is evident that essay writing begins with the choice of top. If the topic is already decided then okay, but if you are given the option to choose the topic yourself, it is suggested to choose a topic in which you have more knowledge. In many cases, students try to act uniquely and they end up writing an essay of low quality because they are not able to get the required material or they fail to search out the required information. Google search engines and the number of details available can help you with this step in a better way.

  3. 2. Thesis statement
  4. After choosing the topic you need to write a thesis statement. It will help an essay writer come up with a complex statement that can narrate the overall crux of the essay. The thesis statement should have all the points that you are planning to discuss in your essay. After writing the thesis statement you will have a one-liner statement about all the ideas and things that you will be discussing in the essay. It is better to write a rough draft in the beginning and then write a concise and full-length statement because it is the most important part of an essay.

  5. 3. Headings and header
  6. While writing a classification essay outline, don't make multiple headings. You are required to make only three headings, i.e. introduction, disunion, and conclusion. These heading will help you come up with a clear differentiation between the sections of your essay. Many of the students make a number of headings and it distorts the representation of the classification essay as well as an outline because multiple headings are suggested for a lengthy essay only. Also, it is important to consider that if you are writing different ideas in the essay, then you should make multiple paragraphs as per the points that are discussed in the essay.

  7. 4. Paragraphing
  8. As suggested earlier, it is asserted that an essay should have multiple paragraphs. In general, three paragraphs in the discussion with one introduction and a conclusion paragraph is preferred. However, if you think that you can’t write multiple points in the same paragraphs you can make multiple paragraphs, assuring that each of the paragraphs should convey complete meaning. If you are writing a 5-page essay and you have a lot of points to a discussion then, your paper should not have more than 6 paragraphs because excessive paragraphing a mess up ideas and it can reduce the flow up in your essay.

  9. 5. Citation and references
  10. Whatever classification or type you are discussing in your essay, it is important to cite all the resources because it adds to the authenticity of the essay. It is also a major attribute of essay writing and an obligation to be followed. So, the references should be mentioned at the end of the document while the resources should be cited in the essay, taking into account that it doesn't copy or paste the information knowing that you will cite it as it will add to plagiarism. The citations and references should be added as per the format that you are following in your essay and be careful about it as it holds marks.

  11. 6. Proofreading and editing
  12. No matter how much less text you have written in your outline. It is important to proofread and edit your work. It is more like an obligation and a compulsion to be entertained. It will help you eradicate all the errors in your outline and it will look more refined, following a logical sequence. It is also important to note that your essay outline should be in the form of complete sentences. Many students write bullet points and it is very informal as it can add to the measure of carelessness. Always write full sentences and cite them accordingly.

    Following these points, you will be able to write a perfect essay outline. If you are still unsure about your writing skills, hiring a professional essay writing service is a better option instead of risking your grades.

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