The strength and limitations of qualitative and quantitative research methods

It requires hours of research to complete a research essay or a research paper. Usually, college-level students often face difficulties while finding data or relevant data. Only an experienced student or an essay writer can find the relevant data for an assignment. Finding relevant data means; to find something unique like if you are writing about slavery, then you have to find previous writers who worked on the same topic. You must pick a dimension or angle of slavery which no one has discovered or covered before. Writing a research paper means writing something new and unique, or you can say that invent a new angle of slavery.

A writer can find relevant data by so many means most importantly there are two prevalent ways to find research material. You can call it *qualitative vs quantitative research* where you have to evaluate your topic and apply which research method would be suitable for your paper. Sometimes a paper requires to follow both methods for the collection of data. In simple words, you can say that quantitative research is related to statistics, data matrices, and facts and figures. Everything that is in numbers and relevant to your topic, comes under this research.

Qualitative research is related to gathering evidence through observation, interviews, and case studies. Its main focus is to think about a paradigm shift in people's thinking and how they react in certain cases. Like any other academic discipline, these two research methods also have some strengths and limitations. But limitations do not mean a demerit, limitation in one research method is a strength in another. Both research methods have merits and demerits or you can call them strengths and limitations. You can always ask others to write my essay for me.

Strengths and limitations of quantitative research

Strengths Limitations
It is relatively easy to analyze, as you only have to compare different facts and figures. The figures can be in the form of a table where you need to compare higher values to the lower ones. Sometimes relevant data is not available in the statistical form and you may have to derive it from an operational report. In such a situation, sometimes it is nearly impossible to find relevant data.
In this research, you can generalize your findings only if your selection process is pre-defined. For example, you have gathered data on one crop and how it failed, then you can also apply your findings on other crops too produced in the same region. This data is difficult to comprehend its actual content. A reader may portray different meanings than the actual ones as only a professional person can understand the dynamics of statistics.
If you have collected your data from reliable sources then it means it is reliable, precise, and consistent. This data only involves facts and figures or numbers. It is very incomprehensive when it comes to defining complex issues.
This type of data can only have two types of existences. Correct or incorrect, there is no other way to analyze or measure it. To some extent, it enables the reader to analyze it quickly. Research needs to attach this data with other relevant studies. Otherwise, these are just meaningless numbers without any possible relevance.
If a reader knows a subject and a specific topic in it then it is very easy for him to understand the facts mentioned in a research paper. It depends on some sort of analysis as a research paper cannot only contain figures. It needs a theoretical framework to justify a specific position.

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Strengths and limitations of qualitative research

Strengths Limitations
It creates a link between quantitative data with theories and other necessary literature. In other words, it refines quantitative data into an essay form. The findings of this research are very specific and cannot be applied to other studies. If a person has done some research on one factor of climate change then his findings will only relate to one study.
Complex issues can easily be explained in this research. As it includes people's observations and opinions, you may find a lot of data to include in your research. This data includes opinions and views of experts and they all vary a lot. That is why it is very difficult to analyze neatly. A rough idea can be generated but that is not an efficient way of analysis.
You can find data by using multiple methods on sensitive subjects. You can prepare a questionnaire or interview a relevant person. You can have an overview of any problem and later include it in your research. You need to add other people’s views and opinions. It means you would have sufficient time to collect your data. It is very time-consuming especially if you need to travel overseas.
You do not have to prepare lengthy reports in this research by using premium software; rather you will conclude your research in the form of an essay. The collection of this data is very cost-efficient and does not require many resources to utilize. Due to varying views, people may disagree with your research. In that case, all will go in vain if no one agrees with your research. Someone can easily deny your research work only on the basis of differences of opinion.
It includes a straightforward analysis of different literary works. You can analyze simply different scholarly articles by your concluding remarks. You can tell how well written the articles were and what they were missing. Sometimes it can be misleading to people who are not familiar with the respective subject. They may conceive an issue differently from the real situation or topic.

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