List of 80 Unique Persuasive Essay Topics That are Sure to Surprise Your Professor

Mostly it is a tough call to convince others to agree with your argument. An essay writer needs to use powerful words along with strong evidence to effectively persuade others. This rule of persuasion also exists when you are going to write an outstanding persuasive essay. The choice of words and the flow of information is extremely important when you are going to persuade your audience through your writing.

You always aim to impress your professor whenever you need to complete an assignment on a persuasive essay. However, as I said earlier it requires a lot of effort and a proper plan of action to meet your professor's expectations. To successfully execute your task of persuasive essay writing, start by picking an interesting topic. Getting support from any online essay writing service is the best option to check different persuasive essay topics and choose the most appropriate one. We also committed to present you with a list of unique persuasive essay topics that you can consider when you aim to surprise your professor. Or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

List of Unique Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Learning music should be mandatory in schools
  2. Is music a good option to treat people’s mental illness?
  3. Did e-learning replace the conventional approach of teaching?
  4. Songs with offensive wordings should ban immediately
  5. Do we need to change our political leaders to expect better living for future generations?
  6. Is it okay to impose more taxes on people with higher incomes?
  7. Is achieving the American dream a realistic approach referring to the current scenario?
  8. Is imposing higher tariffs a good option to give a boost to the local economy?
  9. Is GPA a good mechanism to assess the learning performance of students?
  10. Is giving sex education in schools can consider as a good idea?
  11. What are the best strategies to successfully eradicate the problem of bullying in schools?
  12. Is SAT a good approach to evaluate intelligence level?
  13. Is giving homework to students the best option to enhance their learning?
  14. The most feasible approach to successfully deal with the issue of cheating in schools
  15. Is racism still a concern when individuals go to take admission to college?
  16. Why imposing limitations to free speech is essential?
  17. Is it a good idea to make community service mandatory for all college students?
  18. Why drinking energy drinks is harmful to health?
  19. Is bodybuilding a career choice for women?
  20. Is chess a sport?
  21. What is the role of sports activities to deal with stress?
  22. The current form of pop music is not an appropriate standard
  23. Does sad music increase the growing risk of depression in the case of young individuals?
  24. The impactful role of piracy laws in the music industry
  25. Should animal hunting be completely banned?
  26. The harmful influences of animal testing
  27. Is it wrong to confine animals in zoos?
  28. Why is poaching completely a bad idea for the country's economy?
  29. The positive role of pets to release stress level
  30. Why should the use of mobile devices on campus should be completely banned for students?
  31. Should junk food completely ban in schools?
  32. Is it a good option to reduce lecture duration in college?
  33. Why should PE be mandatory in schools?
  34. Why is the active role of parents in the learning process essential to expect good outcomes?
  35. Why is a computer science one of the most valuable subjects?
  36. Why are people one of the main reasons for the growing issue of global warming?
  37. Why is the provision of special learning approaches essential in the case of autistic children?
  38. Why is cloning always an immoral practice?
  39. Advantages and disadvantages of online education
  40. Why is poverty still one of the basic problems of many countries?
  41. Why is reforming in the current education system is essential?
  42. Why does the existing taxation system need improvement?Why restricting purchasing weapons is a solution to address the problem of terrorism?
  43. Why restricting purchasing weapons is a solution to address the problem of terrorism?
  44. Listening to music is a good strategy to enhance work performance
  45. Why is honesty the best practice to get success in life?
  46. The importance of time-management
  47. The importance of hobbies to successfully excel in careers
  48. Why attaining a balance between professional and personal life is essential?
  49. Reasons to become risk-taker in life
  50. Children must learn to perform chores
  51. Advantages and disadvantages of summer camping
  52. Why is kindness always a good approach to surviving in life?
  53. The best way to spend summer vacations
  54. Why is setting a time-frame for children to watch TV good?
  55. The threats of birth-control pills
  56. Why is reading newspaper articles good for children?
  57. The ethical position of the death penalty
  58. Why are home-made meals healthy?
  59. Should people have access to free Wifi in every public place?
  60. Why is limiting internet usage not a good option?
  61. Need more topics? Consult an essay writing service to select one for you.

  1. Why is eating animals an immoral practice?
  2. Why having many friends is problematic?
  3. Spending quality time with family is essential
  4. Why is it always better to be the younger sibling?
  5. What are the parameters to define friendship?
  6. Why is learning a new language always good?
  7. The best motivational movie ever
  8. The most influential political leader
  9. Why is learning driving from the instructor not enough?
  10. Why is the client always right?
  11. Why is fairness important to sustain employees’ job satisfaction?
  12. The need for regulations for brand marketing
  13. Pros and cons of playing video games
  14. Is capitalism a solution to this world?
  15. Why is banning smoking essential?
  16. Need to promote creativity in children
  17. Why should school breaks be longer?
  18. Dress code is a restriction to freedom
  19. No harm to playing violent video games
  20. Threats of biological weapons

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