The 2021 list of criminology and criminal justice research paper topics

The criminal justice system and society are correlated with each other. A criminal justice system comprises various organizations that work either separately or together to maintain law and justice in society to help in deterring crimes. Many students opt to study this vast field and are frequently given the task to write research papers on any of the criminal justice topics. However, even if you aren’t studying the courses related to the criminal justice system you’ll still be asked to write a research paper on various criminal justice topics since this field is related to society and its issues.

Is an essay writer a law student looking for some criminal justice research paper topics? Or a student who has a great interest in exploring the field of the criminal justice system? If yes, then this article will offer you a chance to explore the latest list of topics that are not only up-to-date but easy to comprehend or you can ask others to write my essay.

But wait! Hold your horses right there. Before you jump right into the list of topics let me tell you something important. As the name implies criminal justice is a vast field and therefore it is necessary to pick a topic that isn’t too broad or too narrow.

Typically, students try to pick a broad topic and then unable to adequately answer the research question and thus end up with a vague essay. Moreover, a broader topic can also serve as an obstacle in clearly defining your thesis statement. Similarly, if you have chosen a topic that is too narrow then again you won’t be able to write a research paper effectively because you won’t be able to find sufficient information to support your claims and will end up with a research paper that will demonstrate poor research skills.

Tip: Pick a topic on which you have sufficient background information and is as per your interest. Yes, you heard me right. There is nothing wrong with picking a topic that is as per your interest if you are given the leverage to pick a topic yourself but make sure that it is according to the professor’s instructions.

I know you must be panicking and confused. Well, don’t be because I have done all the hard work for you and have shortlisted the list of topics so that you can easily pick the one that interests you the most.

So, without wasting our time further let’s have a look at the list of topics.

Crime and victimization

If you are more interested in solving puzzles, then believe me the topics under this heading will be very helpful for you. The reason is that the topics here are more about analyzing and determining the patterns and reasons for crimes and why certain people are at a high risk of becoming victims.

  • Aggression and its association with homicide
  • Education and its role in deterring crime rate
  • Immigrants and crimes
  • Intelligence and crime
  • Neighborhoods and their association with
  • Peers pressure and crimes
  • How mental illness is linked to crimes
  • Unemployment and crimes
  • Why is religion an important factor in elevating crime rates?
  • What is victimization?

Types of crimes

Interested in learning about various crimes? If yes, then pick the topic from the list below and get started.

  • Identity theft
  • Cybercrime
  • Sex offense
  • Difference between murder and homicide
  • Terrorism: causes and consequences
  • Human trafficking
  • Domestic violence: causes and consequences
  • How shoplifting leads to larger crimes?
  • Robbery and juveniles
  • White-collar crimes

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Criminology theories

Interested in reading more about the perspective of people regarding crimes and victimization then picking a criminology theory is your best option. Wanna know a few interesting criminology theories? If yes, skim through the list below.

  • Convict criminology
  • Social disorganization theory
  • Self-control theory
  • Criminology Strain theory
  • Psychological theories related to crimes
  • What is classical criminology?
  • Feminist criminology
  • Differences between classic criminology and feminist criminology
  • Rational choice theory
  • Critical criminology

Criminal justice system

Want to pick a topic that is related to law then you are at the right place. have a look at the list of topics below and pick the one that interests you the most.

  • Drug courts
  • Capital punishments
  • American prison system
  • Crimes prevention
  • Forensic science and its applications during prosecution
  • Juvenile justice
  • Felon disenfranchisement
  • Mass media and the criminal justice system
  • Wrongful convictions: causes and consequences

General topics

If you haven’t defined your area of interest, then don’t worry. Have a look at a few general topics that are related to criminology and the criminal justice system below.

  • Sexual harassment at workplaces
  • Police brutality: causes and consequences
  • Unwarranted arrests
  • Racial profiling
  • Forgery
  • Rapes: causes and consequences
  • Substance abuse and its link with crimes
  • Criminal justice ethics
  • Hate crimes
  • Sniffer dogs: a solution or abuse
  • Are private prisons causing more problems?
  • How race corresponds to various crimes
  • Impact of religion on crimes
  • Graffiti and street art association with elevated crime rates
  • Community policing is a way to deter crimes
  • Gender and its impact on various law violations
  • How to detect and prevent domestic violence
  • What are environmental crimes
  • Violent crimes and gender

I hope that the above list of topics proved fruitful for you. If you have already picked a topic, I suggest you create an outline and gather the primary and secondary sources before you start writing your research paper. However, if you are struggling to complete your research paper within the given deadline, then taking help from a paper writing service is your best shot to attain good grades.

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