List of easy essay writing topics and ideas for your kid’s essay

What is that you cannot find a perfect for your kid so that they can write an essay on it? It is understood those essay topics online are much more difficult for a kid to write about. As a parent, you must be concerned about finding a topic that is relatively easy for your kid but it is also informational. It is necessary that you choose a good topic because it will help your kid develop creative writing skills. Here is a list of some essay writing topics which you can give to your kid for this school assignment or even as an activity for home. First of all, let's take a look at some of the argumentative essay topics.

  1. Should the government Ban plastic?
  2. Does urbanization cause pollution?
  3. Should education be free for everyone?
  4. Should internet access be Limited for students?
  5. Should the government ban smoking in the public area?
  6. Does smoking cause a negative impact on human health?
  7. Should the media be banned?
  8. Why are video games not good?
  9. Is technology taking over?
  10. Wonders of science and how it has improved life.
  11. You can also ask your kid to write on some general topics. This will give them the freedom to choose the direction of their college essay. Some of the general topics are given below.

  12. Wonders of Technology
  13. Uses of mobile phone
  14. Invention of smartphone
  15. Benefits of internet
  16. Advantages of reading newspaper
  17. Civil rights movement
  18. Popular sports in America
  19. Impact of the Internet on children
  20. The global effect of pollution
  21. Places to Visit in America
  22. If a child has a topic that interests them then they write the essay with more effort and confidence. Here are some examples of such essay ideas in which the kid is allowed to choose a suitable topic for their essay.

  23. My best friend
  24. My favorite hobby
  25. My family
  26. My father
  27. My mother
  28. My favorite teacher
  29. My career goals
  30. My aim in life
  31. My house
  32. My city
  33. My favorite place to visit in holidays
  34. The gift I want to get this Christmas
  35. My favorite book
  36. My pet
  37. My life in school
  38. My favorite movie
  39. My favorite subject
  40. My school library
  41. My favorite book
  42. My school
  43. Now for these topic ideas, your kid can choose one specific topic and write on them. As they write their essays, they tend to learn so many new things. For this reason, a kids’ essay is the best way to bring out their creative skills and let them discover things on their own. Another Important idea is to ask them right about nature and the environment. There are some topics related to it that catch the attention of almost every kid.

  44. Global warming
  45. Ways to save trees
  46. Pollution
  47. Ways to end pollution
  48. What is happening to the environment?
  49. Save earth
  50. Negative effects of air pollution
  51. How fish are dying due to water pollution
  52. Environmental pollution
  53. Negative impacts of noise pollution
  54. How can we stop noise pollution?
  55. Climate change
  56. Benefits of restoring nature
  57. Importance of trees to the environment
  58. Why do humans need trees?
  59. Why should humans plant more trees?
  60. Why do we need to save water?
  61. Rainy day
  62. Disadvantages of deforestation
  63. How can we stop deforestation?
  64. How floods destroy everything?
  65. Winter season
  66. A snowy day
  67. Summer season
  68. Why do leaves fall in autumn?
  69. Your kid must have learned some new proverbs in school. You can use them as topics as well. Here are some of the examples.

  70. An apple a day keeps the doctor away
  71. Time and tide wait for none
  72. Health is wealth
  73. Where there is a will there's a way
  74. A stitch in time saves nine
  75. Or you can even ask you to get what the new proverb they have learned at their school and then ask them to write an essay on it. If you think that the above topics are the way too simple for your kid then you can move onto some advanced topics. In case you are wondering about checking the essay for mistakes, you can also hire an essay writer who will proofread the essay at almost no cost. You can also find any software online that provides this service. Anyhow there are some more suggestions for you to choose from

  76. Women empowerment
  77. The political system of America
  78. Time Management
  79. Natural disasters
  80. Unemployment
  81. The true meaning of happiness
  82. The festival celebrated around the world
  83. Negative effects of junk food
  84. Why should we drink more water?
  85. Value of time
  86. Population
  87. Human rights
  88. Cybercrime
  89. Knowledge Is Power
  90. Tourism
  91. Artificial intelligence
  92. Respecting the elders
  93. Choosing a role model
  94. Fire Fighters
  95. Importance of teamwork
  96. Charity begins at home
  97. A journey by train
  98. Motivation
  99. Constitution of US
  100. Generation gap
  101. Important importance of Independence Day
  102. All that glitters is not gold
  103. Importance of discipline
  104. How can we end poverty?

Make sure that whatever topic you choose, it is interesting enough for your kid. You can also provide them a little help in material and teach them how to do research online. You can also guide them on brainstorming ideas and then creating an outline. If they are already using technology, they must be aware of it. You can help them find credible sources. Ask them to include pictures and be creative. At this stage, writing a good essay for building skills is way more than getting a good grade. The small things that depict today will be really helpful for them when they enter high school or college!

Lastly, if you are unsure about your writing capabilities, hiring a professional essay writing service is a good option instead of risking your grades.

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