A list of tools and software you can use to create Oxford-style citations for your paper - Essential Guide

Citation is very vital for any academic writing, whether it is an essay or a research paper. Citation validates your research and adds authenticity to it. In simple words, it gives meaning to your arguments and how you have incorporated them into your essay. It means you are giving credit to the previous authors who also worked on the same topic or subject. It is also related to the interpretations of ideas and if your reader wants to validate it, he can do it by cross-referencing your citations.

Citation means to paraphrase the original content into your word format. You should be careful while paraphrasing because it should not look like the original writing. To avoid that an essay writer can incorporate your idea in it and cite it to a specific reference. If you are quoting from another document then you should give credit to the original author. There are different styles of referencing systems and *Oxford Citation* is one of them. The basic purpose of a reference is to give an overview to the reader about the content from where it was taken.

If he is looking for anything particular in your paper he would simply go through your references. A reference can be in the form of an endnote, footnotes, and bibliography. Usually, a reference contains the author's name, book title or article title, the title of a journal, name of conference, place, and date of publication, page and volume number, URL (website link), date accessed. In a different type of citation, the sequence may differ but the information remains the same or you can ask others to write my essay.

You may think that it is a lot to absorb and yes to some extent you are right. Writing a research paper is itself a tiring job and references and citations made it more tiring. To avoid such a situation you can use different software that helps you to make or generate references automatically. Yes, it is true you just need to paste the link of a particular website, press ‘process’ and you would get a readymade reference.

How to create Oxford Citation in MS Word

MS Word is a very handy software that not only helps you to complete your research paper but you can also use it to make a citation. Oxford Citation is similar to the Chicago Manual Style as both use footnotes at the end of each page to make references. In MS Word, you can include Oxford Citation by using the option of 'References' from the main menu.

Different options will appear like Manage Sources, Style, and Bibliography. Just click on Style and choose your desired option of Oxford Citation from the main list. If you want to include a citation in a specific sentence then your cursor should be in that sentence. After clicking the Oxford Citation from the menu your reference will appear at the end of the page.

Create Oxford Citation by using Zotero Software

You can all Zotero your personal research assistant as it is very easy to use. It is user-friendly just like MS Windows and has a lot of options and styles of citations. There are twenty plus citation styles and each has a unique sequence of details to follow. Unlike MS Word it is not installed in your system. To use it you just need to download it first and install it on your operating system. It is easy and free to use, you just need to register it with any available email ID.

It is just like making an account on any other social media platform. After its installation it would automatically add as an extension in MS Word and Google Chrome or any other search engine; you are using. The next part is very easy after the extension in Chrome and MS Word. First, you need to open a link that you want to include in your research paper, it could be anything like a journal article, link to a magazine article, or a book.

Once it is fully opened justly click on the Zotero icon from Chrome and your link will be saved. Then go to your document where you want to add that reference and click on the Zotero icon from MS Word. When you click, Zotero will ask the citation style just click on Oxford Citation and it will be added where you put your cursor. In case you need help, ask a paper writing service to do it for you.

Use the ‘Cite this for Me’ website for citation

Unlike Zotero and MS Word, this is an online website where you need to paste the link of the desired reference. First, you need to open this website where different citation options would appear like Harvard, APA, MLA, ASA, and AMA. First, you need to select the Oxford Citation and then past your reference link. The link could be of a book, journal article, or website article. Sometimes the website does not automatically fill all the desired options.

If it happens you can fill in the respective information manually after filling all the information required in a reference. Then click on ‘create citation’ a new dialogue will open with your reference, just copy it and paste it into your document. When you are done with your reference you can also use the same option to add a bibliography at the end of your research paper.

Along with these citation tools, there is other important software too which you can use for your citation. The most popular citation tools are EasyBib, RifDot, Citelighter, Citefast, Endnote, Bibme, NoodleTools, NoodleTools, Citation Machine, and RefWorks. I have mentioned the use of three important software, the use of other citation tools is pretty much the same.

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