Literary Analysis Essay Writing Tips for College Students - Guide

If you are enrolled in a literature course, then gear up for writing multiple literary analysis essays on various topics. I know it is frustrating that after finishing a story or a book or reading a poem your teachers assign you the task to write an essay. However, look at it from another perspective. Essay writing is the best opportunity to be in the spotlight and good books of the teachers because through this assignment you can demonstrate your research and writing skills.

Are you assigned a task to write a literary analysis essay? Do you want a few tips on how to write an effective essay? If yes, then stay with me so that I can unveil the secrets of writing an incredible essay that can help you attain good grades.

But wait! Before we jump right into the tips let me tell you what a literary analysis is. It is an assignment in which you are required to examine a piece of writing, evaluate it, analyze it from various perspectives, and then interpret it. Sounds tough right! You must be wondering if there is someone out there who can write my essay for me so that I won’t have to worry about losing my grades.

I know the feeling when you aren’t familiar with the essay writing techniques and the deadline is approaching. However, with a little practice, you can nail the art of essay writing.

Typically, when students are assigned to write a literary analysis essay they often seek help from various online sources and simply indulge in paraphrasing the content of the piece of writing they are told to analyze. On the other hand, many students look for reviews and then write an essay based on that review which is wrong.

Remember! Taking shortcuts won’t help you out; rather it will drive an essay writer away from turning in an impactful essay.

Are you panicking since the deadline to submit an essay is approaching? If yes, then hurry up and follow the tips below to craft an amazing essay that can not only impress the readers but can facilitate you in attaining good scores.

Read the text and identify literary devices

It’s obvious that before you proceed to analyze a piece of text you must have to read it carefully. You are required to dig deep and jot down every detail either major or minor. Pay close attention to the things that intrigue you the most.

If there is any historical event or a historic figure is discussed, you need to look for sources to know about the history and how the certain incident played a vital role in the piece of writing that you are analyzing.

Who is the author?

While you are reading a piece of writing you need to understand the author’s motivation behind the writing. You can do this by reading about the author’s life and then make connections.

Remember! Every author has a different writing style and their style is highly impacted by their personal life. So try to learn more about the author to understand the work.

Language choice

You need to understand the author’s style of delivering a message. You need to look if the author used short and simple sentences or used complex and a few poetic sentences.

Make sure that you carefully look for word choices and focus especially on figurative language that includes metaphors or similes, etc. Don’t forget to consider the imagery in the text. You need to jot down the recurring images that the author is trying to create or symbolizing something imperative.

You also need to look for a narrative voice and ask questions about who is telling the story and how the narrator is telling the story. You need to view the story from the narrator’s perspective to clearly understand the motive discussed in the plot.

Coming up with an effective thesis statement

Remember! You can’t analyze the whole piece of text because it contains several important elements that can’t be discussed altogether in just an essay. So you need to be more specific and narrow down the scope of the topic. Therefore, come up with a thesis statement that is clear and precise and is discussing only one aspect of the writing.

I know at this time your mind is filled with ideas and countless points that you can write an essay on. But if you want to make a lasting impact on the readers then you need to be a bit more creative.

You can either discuss a specific theme or symbolism etc and make a thesis statement.

Look for textual evidence

This part is a bit technical and time-consuming as well. Although you can easily support your claims by taking the quotes from the text you are analyzing, you need to use more evidence to make an impression on the readers.

You need to look for relevant sources online and then comb through those sources to pick the points that can be used to back up your claims. If you are still confused, get help from a write my paper service now.

I know looking for sources and skimming through multiple pieces of writing is tiring and a bit overwhelming but believe me it’s all worth it because the more well-researched your essay is, the more you will be near to attaining good grades.


If you know what proofreading can do to your essay, then you will never skip this step. Unfortunately, many students after writing an essay forget to proofread their essay and thus they end up receiving lower grades due to grammatical and punctuation errors.

Do you want to let your grades slip away for a few grammatical and punctuation? Of course not, so do proofread your essay and make necessary corrections.

If you are in crunch time then it is recommended to hire a professional essay writing service to help you out in proofreading your essay.

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