Main Points to be Covered in a Summary - A Detailed Guide

Students study different subjects in elementary schools. In English, teachers enable them to learn how to write a story. It all starts with writing essays where students express their feelings. Their topics for stories vary depending upon the subject and class sequence. You learn how to express emotions and hide feelings on certain occasions. Things become slightly different in middle school when you begin to get complex assignments. These can be in the form of the college online essay writing or to summarize an article written by someone else.

It means your teacher will assign you a story written by your seniors or any other famous writer and ask you to summarize it. In simple words, you can say that a summary is simply an overview of the main points presented in the respective article. Yes, you are responsible to find the main points presented in the article. It is solely on your discretion whether you want to include something or not. You just need to remember that the purpose of the summary is to present a summarized piece of work.

It should contain all the necessary knowledge so that the reader can have a basic idea about the original article and what was written in it. Do not overthink your topic you do not need to add anything new or your opinion. Just try to stick with the rules and the main points already mentioned in the article. You may be thinking that it is easy to write a summary but trust me some students still wonder about how to write a summary as they remain unclear about the method.

In this post, I will write some very important points about writing a summary. After reading it, I am sure you would not need anybody's help for completing your assignment. You just need to know the purpose of the original report, its main points, any results mentioned in it like findings of analysis, conclusion followed by recommendations. You just need to include enough information that if someone wants to read it, he does not miss anything from it.

Tips to write an extraordinary summary

Now you know what the gist of a summary is but before you start writing it you should know to read the respective article at least four to five times. It would enable you to have a basic idea only then you can highlight the main points in it. You should know the following principles before writing your summary.

  • Your writing style should be different from the original essay writer. It is better to use your own words and do not copy as it is from the article.
  • The summarized text should be condensed or concise. The author may have used five sentences to conclude one point. In your summary, you should cover it in only one sentence.
  • The text of your summary should be only 10-15% of the original text or you can say one-third of the original text. If it is more than that then it would not be a summary rather an explanation.
  • While using your own words do not get away from the main theme and try to summarize the main points mentioned in the original article.
  • Summarize an article with its original meaning and do not include your views or opinions in it. In the same way, you should distance yourself from the author's ideas and remain neural while writing your summary.
  • You cannot leave any important point from a summary as your reader would not get the full idea about the article. At the same time if you miss anything it would undermine your credibility. It is your moral and academic duty to summarize the article in its original sense without losing its meaning.
  • Again, your focus should only be to highlight the main points of the original article.
  • Lastly, you can ask someone to write my paper to complete this task for you.

Main Points to be covered in a Summary - A Detailed Guide

Introduce your summary

First, you should introduce the article with the author's detail which you choose for your summary. Remember you are summarizing someone else's work so there should be a clear distinction between your summary. Just give the first few lines to this part and quickly move to your summary. Make sure to use transition words so that you can smoothly move to a new topic. Introduce your new title which should summarize the original title and state the main ideas that you would cover in your body paragraphs.

Body paragraphs

You have already mentioned points which you would discuss in your summary. In body paragraphs now start writing, you can use lines like 'one of the author's main points is' or 'author primary concern is.' Just make sure not to use original words and write them as concise and eloquently as you can. Once you write all the important points make sure to read them at once. If they are coherent and conveying the true gist of your article then your summary is up to mark. If an author has also included opposing points you should also incorporate them so that your reader has a thorough idea about your summary.

Concluding points/Conclusion

To this point, you already know how many points you have discussed in your summary. You do not need to briefly discuss every point once again because you have already done that. Your focus should be to tell the reader how important your summary is and how thoroughly you have covered the topic in possible few words. Do you include anything new in this part and try to stick with the main ideas. Remember your summary does not need a conclusion; you would only include this part if it contains a special message about the original article.

This complete guide will help you craft an amazing summary in no time. However, if you are still confused about the writing process, it is better to take help from a professional write my essay service at affordable rates.

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