Major Characteristics of a Graduate Paper - Guidelines

At different levels of education, students are required to compose papers that must exhibit their level of skills and knowledge. One of the papers is composed at the graduate level where the students compose their research-based paper during masters or doctoral degree programs. This type of paper is characterized by an advanced level of writing and a narrow research topic.

The findings of this research are employed to carry further professional research. This is another reason that the paper at the graduate level demands good writing skills. If you are wondering how you can compose this type of paper, then this blog will be quite useful for you. Here is a complete overview of all the major characteristics of a paper composed at the graduate level. The characteristics are divided into key features and writing strategies. As you follow these strategies, your paper will start to adopt all these features.

Key features

Let’s start with the key features of a paper at the graduate level. It is not merely a research paper attempted by an average level student. Your supervisor will demand that your paper has high quality and all of the given features.

  • Application of theory to diverse phenomena

    This feature is quite unique to the graduate level paper as it requires the author to not only discuss different theories but also analyze and apply them to the diverse phenomenon. The diversity of the phenomenon and accurate application of theories to it shows the skills of the author. This is not easy and if you feel troubled, hire an essay writer to help you. This will be time-efficient if your paper is very lengthy. Normally, a graduate-level paper is ten pages long.

  • Framing an argument

    This is quite essential when it comes to a paper at the graduate level. This sets your paper apart from other research papers at the beginner level. As you choose an argument to present in your paper, make sure that you frame it by including the broader details regarding other significant factors before you introduce your main point. This will help to divert the focus of all the readers on your main argument. You can use different persuasive techniques to frame your argument in an effective manner.

  • Analyzing the opponent’s argument

    When discussing your own argument, it becomes necessary to analyze the other opposing arguments and compare them with your own. This offers more credibility and strength to your paper as readers are also able to view other arguments. Make sure that you just don’t describe the opponent’s argument but also analyze it critically and honestly.

  • Careful inspection

    You must be wondering that every essay or paper requires the inspection of a relevant issue, document, event, or community, how this is the quality of a paper at the graduate level. You must understand that the importance of this inspection becomes even more important for the graduate paper or college essay so pay great attention to it. Inspection clearly means to analyze different aspects of the relevant issue, document, event, or community here. Such paper signifies the impacts of all these to the main argument.

Writing strategies

Now that you have understood all the features a graduate-level paper has, let’s move onto the writing strategies which you can use to make sure you compose a quality paper. At this level, you must already have these strategies so keep them in mind.

  • You should not use contractions when composing a paper. Even though cannot and can't mean the same but both differ highly with respect to formality.
  • Make sure that you do not use the passive language when structuring your sentences. The active voice is more suitable to write this type of paper.
  • By now you must have realized the importance of good writing skills. Make sure that you create succinct paragraphs that start with a clear topic sentence, include a number of supporting sentences, quotations, and properly summarized findings from different credible sources.
  • When making assertions, make sure to support it with the authentic sources. Using more than one type will show your authority over the subject. Another important thing is to include the quotes from authentic sources but with proper in-text citations or footnotes and references.
  • Attributing the relevant sources is also important to build the credibility of a paper and it helps to frame the main argument. When your paper is read by the readers, they look for the opinion of other researchers as well. Use the attribution of several credible sources to support your own assertion.
  • After you have completed your first draft, revise it at least twice to remove all the grammatical, punctuation, syntax, and formatting errors. Even if your content is highly-informative, your presentation and clarity will matter. With all these mistakes, the content may become confusing for the readers.

With this guide on the characteristics of a paper, you must now understand how to compose a paper. All in all, your paper must show your level of understanding and how your command over the research has developed over the years. Feel free to go through some of the samples of research papers of the graduate-level and even the existing paper. Remember that this is a long process and demands your effort and attention. At this level, the readers expect much more from the author. For this reason, you have to make sure your paper contains all the characteristics of a quality paper written at the graduate level.

However, if you are unsure about your writing capabilities, get help from an essay writing service at reasonable rates.

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