Compare and Contrast Essay Outline on Old vs. New Modes of Transport

Compare and contrast essays can be a bit tough to write. Why? Well, it all depends on the structure of the essay.

We all know how to write basic essays.

You have the introduction, conclusion, and three body paragraphs. Those paragraphs have the main arguments and there you have it. We have a college essay.

But the same structure doesn’t really work well for a compare and contrast essay.

So, writing such an essay becomes a big problem. Well, I have the perfect solution for you. I have an example compare and contrast essay outline that will show you exactly how to structure your essay. We will use the point-by-point pattern as it is easy to organize your thoughts in that manner. Moreover, you can also get essay help online.

Have a look.

  1. I. Introduction
    1. A. Topic: State your topic. In this case, it will be old versus new modes of transport.
    2. B. Subjects: Mention the subjects that you will discuss. In this case, you can choose a carriage and a car.
    3. C. Thesis: This essay reflects on how the carriage and a car share various similarities but are still uniquely different.
  2. II. Body
    1. A. Body Paragraph no. 1
      1. 1. Point no. 1: The car is a much faster mode of transportation than a carriage.
      2. 2. Subject no. 1: Discuss the lack of speed in a carriage.
      3. 3. Subject no. 2: Discuss how a car is faster.
      4. 4. Transition: However, there is another difference between these two modes of transportation.
    2. B. Body Paragraph no. 2
      1. Point no. 2: The mechanisms of both these modes of transportation are quite different.
      2. Subject no.1: For example, the carriage is driven by horses.
      3. Subject no. 2: The car, on the other hand, is driven by an engine.
      4. Transition: Yet, these two modes of transportation may have some similarities as well.
    3. C. Body Paragraph no. 3
      1. Point no. 3: The structure of a car is quite similar to a carriage.
      2. Subject no.1: You can discuss the similarity in the shape.
      3. Subject no. 2: Discuss the use of wheels as a necessity in both cases.
  3. III. Conclusion
    1. A. Summary: The horse-drawn carriage and the modern car are similar in their shape and usage but they have many differences. The speed of a car is far more than a carriage and different mechanisms are used for driving them.
    2. B. Significance: Many may not give a second thought to a carriage nowadays but it remains the force from which the car has evolved.
    3. C. Reflection: It is only with a careful comparison of these two objects that we have made our lives better for the good.

Significant Details!

There are a few things that an essay writer should note about this outline that can help him in writing an essay.

Detail #1: The Topic

You will notice how the essay jumps straight ahead to the topic at hand. In normal essays, we do dawdle a bit before introducing the topic and then the thesis.

But, in this case, we need to discuss the subjects as well.

As the introduction can’t be too long, we jump straight to the point. Then we discuss the subjects at hand and move towards our thesis statement. Keeping it all nice and short.

You can also ask a website to write essay for me and they will help you select good topics.

Detail #2: The Topic Sentence

You will also notice the lack of topic sentences in the body paragraphs. This will be shocking as your professors tend to place a lot of emphasis on the topic sentences.

But do not worry.

Notice that the headings of point no. 1 / 2 / 3 are telling you all that you need to know about the topic of the paragraph.

So, you see, there is a topic sentence present in the outline.

Detail #3: The Subjects

You will also have noticed how the subjects have been divided into every paragraph. First, you complete talking about one subject and then move to the next.

This is deliberate.

You see, the point-to-point approach is designed to give a structure to your argument.

So, the subjects are discussed separately. This makes it easy for the reader to follow your thoughts. Otherwise, they will get confused. You can also pay for essay to complete this task for you.

Detail #4: The Paragraphs

First of all, notice how the paragraphs are divided. They each have a main idea and are divided on the basis of that idea.

Secondly, we have only three body paragraphs. That is because we only have three main points to argue.

If you think that you have another point that is totally different from the ones already discussed then go ahead and add it.

Make sure you have enough details though.

Detail #5: Conclusion

The conclusion really is the easiest part of any essay. But in this one, you need to do a bit of critical thinking.

Look at how you need to tell about the significance of your topic. Why is it important? Why should we bother reading about it?

Also, you have to give a reflection. This is usually very short. I have only given a single sentence to reflection.

You need to make sure that you end your essay in a similar and spectacular manner.

Hopefully, that helped!

If that outline was helpful to you then great. If not, then you can always have an outline written for you.

Or even entire essays.

All you need to do is contact a write my paper service online and all your troubles will vanish.

Just make sure the website you use is legit and not a scam and you should be fine.

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