Narrative Essay Writing is so Easy - Just Follow These Steps

Narrative essays. You are probably scared of them because of all those rules that your professor has drilled into you.

I know all about them.

You have probably been told to use different types of literary devices and make the essay unique and descriptive. Right?

Yeah, well, all that is just a part of narrative essay writing. You don’t really need to worry too much about that.

And there is really no need to be scared either. Narrative essays may seem difficult, but when you write them you will understand how easy they can be.

How easy?

Let me tell an essay writer about all about writing a narrative essay and then you can decide it for yourself.

Step #1: Personal Topic

As you will be writing a narrative essay, the topic you choose will have to be a personal one. You will have to share an experience that has had an impact on you.

Then you also have to explain why this event is so important in the first place.

For this, you will have to be willing to open up to your audience and reveal rather personal details. If you are confused about choosing a perfect topic, get help from an essay writing service now.

Step #2: Brainstorm the Elements

A narrative essay is rather like a story. It has many elements that you need to think of before you start writing.

These elements include the main idea, the setting of the story, the characters and the plot.

So, yeah! It is a lot like a story. You will need to use many storytelling devices to complete this one.

Good luck with that and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Step #3: Story Point of View

In your normal essays, you write with a third-person perspective which is how formal essays go.

But this one is different.

You will be talking about a personal experience and a third-person perspective won’t really go with that, no?

So, you are allowed to use the first-person perspective. Just this once. To make your essay more meaningful.

You best enjoy this freedom while it lasts.

Step #4: Outline

Narrative essay may be similar to a story but it is still an essay which means that it requires structure. Even stories have structure.

So, to give your essay a good structure, you can make use of an outline.

It may seem like you have to do extra work but that really is not true. Writing an outline will save you a lot of time. In case you need help with your outline, hire a paper writing service.

Step #5: Avoid Meaningless Details

What most students do is that they put in extra details in these essays to make it seem more like a story.

You can’t do that.

Yes, it is like a story but that does not mean that you add irrelevant stuff just to complete the word count or use a literary device.

Only write things important to the main idea and do not stray from it.

Step #6: Think on the Literary Devices

Before starting the essay itself, think on which literary devices you are going to use and how you will incorporate them in the story.

This is important because you can’t write a narrative essay without them and fitting them at the last minute will ruin a well-formed easy.

So, think ahead. You need to have a rough idea of how you will use these devices.

Step #7: The Sources

A narrative essay is about you so of course, you will be giving your own thoughts and opinions in this one.

In most cases, you will never require a source in these essays.

But if your professor does tell you to use one then you can use generalized sources.

You can state a fact and then cite the source.

But don’t worry, narrative essays usually don’t require more than one source.s

Step #8: The Writing Order

Since you will be telling a story (sort of), you need to decide the order of the events that you mention.

The best way to go about this is to write in chronological order. This will be easy for you and the reader both.

This will make it far easier for the audience to understand your story and the points that you are trying to make.

Step #9: Start Writing

Now, you can finally begin to actually write the easy itself. You have done all that you can as far as pre-writing is concerned.

If you have followed the steps correctly then you will already have all the information that you need.

You just need to put it in your own words. The trick is to make it interesting enough for the audience to stay engaged in it.

Step #10: Double-Check the Essay

Once the writing part is over, you will still not be done with your essay. It is your job to make sure that everything is in order.

This means that you will have to check and recheck your paper for any mistakes. You will find many.

Oh, also make sure that you have not missed anything in the instructions or there will be hell to pay.

Or… you could have your essay written online.

If you are still finding all of this difficult then this is a very good option for you. Using a write essay for me service can be of great help. That is if you find an authentic one.

Don’t panic.

There are plenty of essay writing services that are legit. Only a few of them are scammers.

So, go and find a service that suits your needs.

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