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A nursery essay is a specialized form of essay which has to do with imparting information among nurses and the staff which has to care for newborn babies. Nurses play a very important role in keeping babies healthy right after their births. There are multiple factors and issues which have to be considered and taken care of after the birth of a child. The timely guidance of nurses towards the parents and their care-taking attitude can assist in the prevention of many issues which are sometimes inevitable.

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Various aspects of childcare and the designing, execution, and implementation of the right strategies to do it can be learned by going through various nursery essays. Nurses who have to provide their duties in hospitals, clinics, and other daycare settings should be aware of their responsibilities. To achieve this purpose, nursery essays are mandatory to be incorporated in the existing literature. Trainee nurses who have to get specialized in the domain of childcare must read this literature. Besides newborn babies, these essays also focus on the matters of toddlers and preschoolers. Sometimes, children who have been freshly enrolled in schools are also prone to issues. Some forms of nursery essays also focus on the problems of the early schoolers.

What does a nursery essay focus on?

A nursery essay focuses on the following aspects of childcare:

  • Early years of a child’s life
  • Foundation of various mental aspects of a child
  • A learning environment which is conducive for good parenting
  • Development of children in preschools
  • Development of social skills of children who are in daycare settings or in nurseries
  • Immediate techniques for caring for newborn babies
  • Correct ways to physically examine newborn babies
  • Correct ways to ensure cord care in case of newborn babies

The scope of nursery essays is extensive and there are a lot of topics that can be covered under this umbrella term. Here are some steps which can be followed in pursuit of writing an effective and impactful nursery essay. An efficient essay writing service can also help students if they want to hand in a compelling nursery essay within days. Students just have to inform the subject experts available on the essay writing services with their requirements and the necessary information that they want an expert essay writer to incorporate in the essay.


    After the essay writers have decided on the topic on which they are going to write, it is time to gather all the relevant data. Scholarly sources should be consulted and the sources can be cited in the bibliography beforehand.


    This can provide students with a map of how to execute the nursery essay. A well-developed outline can pinpoint the main ideas and ensure the proper positioning of those ideas in the essay. Organizing thoughts is very important before writing an essay because there is a ton of information that is available on every topic. The information overload can only be structured accordingly when there is an outline present. The thesis statement should be identified in the opening section of the essay and must be included in the outline to avoid any confusion or ambiguity.


    The existing material can be checked repeatedly in order to confirm if all the sources have relatable information. There is a high chance of being distracted from the essay topic and students end up not fulfilling all the requirements of a nursery essay. However, if proper note-taking has been done considering all the sources, then an effective essay can be written in a smaller amount of time.


    After the above steps have been checked off the list, students can start writing the nursery essay. The introduction can be kept brief depending on the overall length of the essay but it has to be ensured that the introduction contains the thesis statement and also reflects the essence of the essay. Similarly, the length of the body paragraphs also depends on the requirements of the essay. The conclusion should also reinstate the main ideas of the essay and be to the point. New ideas should not be introduced in the conclusion as these can lose the attention of the readers.

Some topics which can be discussed under the domain of nursery essays are as follows:

  1. Communication skills of toddlers in daycare settings
  2. Socialization skills of children in nurseries
  3. Benefits of outdoor activities for children and their families
  4. The significance of a proper and balanced diet plan for toddlers and newborns
  5. Effects of light music and nursery rhymes on toddlers and the perceived impact on the socialization skills of children
  6. The mental and emotional development of children and the effect of early education on the mental leaps of toddlers
  7. The best ways to care for premature newborns
  8. Management of the environment in nurseries for proper health care of newborns
  9. Issues and challenges faced by nurses in hospitals and nurseries
  10. Improved communication strategies in children and toddlers through video games and nursery rhymes

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