Organizing the Flow and Structure of an Argumentative Essay - Guidelines

Organization and maintaining the flow in an argumentative essay are very critical to the effectiveness and correctness of the essay. An unorganized essay, will not convey anything to the reader and will fail miserably in proving the argument of the essay writer. Once an initial outline has been developed the evidence for each argument would be easily found in it. It is vital to arrange and organize the essay properly to validate the argument developed systematically.

An effective essay writing service will provide an argumentative essay consisting of three major parts: an introduction, body, and conclusion. Many elements collectively make the essay effective. Organization and flow are the key elements to make a piece of writing meaningful. A haphazardly written essay will not provide anything to the reader/audience; whereas, an organized essay will directly hit the bull’s eye.

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Organizing an essay

Firstly, a writer must be aware of his claim or argument, once the argument has been developed, claims supporting the argument should be shortlisted. At least one evidence per claim shall be then researched and written within the outline of the essay. Once the argument, claims, and evidence have been collected, the flow of the essay should be developed as particularized in coming sections.


The introduction of an argumentative essay should start with a hook statement that can be a fact, question, figures, and stats, or a quotation. This hook sentence should be followed by the introductory statements that should give an idea about the topic in general to the reader. These statements can provide definitions, background, history, etc on the topic. The last sentence of this paragraph is the thesis sentence that develops the argument about which the author is going to convince the reader. This thesis statement is the most crucial and significant part of the whole essay. It should be persuasive, convincing, and clearly allowing the voice of the author to pass through the words to the reader. Any ambiguity in this sentence or even a slightly lesser degree of persuasiveness can render the essay unserviceable.


The body of an argumentative essay can contain as many paragraphs as possible or as required with each paragraph containing a piece of evidence supporting the argument made in the thesis statement. The first statement of the body paragraphs should provide support to the thesis statement. These sentences are called topic sentences. For instance, an essay on the topic of gender discrimination in the workspace can provide an argument that gender inequality makes it difficult for women to flourish and survive in the work environment. This claim should then be further elaborated in topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph. One such example can be gender inequality leads to wage differences between men and women causing financial stress for women. This topic sentence should be followed by some published evidence supporting the claim in the topic sentence. After providing the evidence, an explanatory sentence about evidence should also be provided to further enhance the persuasiveness of the claim and argument.


Once the essay has been written, it is very important to provide an effective, compelling, and concise conclusion to remind the reader of the important claims, arguments points, and evidence developed throughout the essay. Often readers tend to forget what has been read after reading 1500 to 2000 words. The conclusion is a significant chance for authors to reclaim their argument in a precise yet effective manner. Once the essay has been written, the author must go through the essay, develop an outline, and present it in this part of the essay briefly. This will help bring audiences back to the reader's narrative. Only a custom essay when organized properly and presented with a logical and systematic flow will leave a strong impact on the readers.

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