Outline for writing a 500-word essay

It is late and now you need to write down a 500-word essay. This assignment may not be as lengthy, yet it can prove just as complex as any if you do not know where to start. Other than the selection of a topic, there is the standard process of starting a thesis statement and other information that supports it. All of this needs to be done within the limit of 500 words that is not an easy task.

Outline for a 500-word essay

The first and the smartest thing to do is to start by making an outline. The procedure of writing an outline will help to write your academic essay quickly. It is the main plan of your paper and in it, you are required to mention all the thoughts and ideas that you want to explain. Therefore, it is only logical that you write down your outline before proceeding further with your college essay.

The general outline should consist of:

  1. I. Introduction
    1. Creative opening to catch the audience's attention. Students can use quotes, interesting facts, and figures, jokes or anecdotes, etc.
    2. Background information
    3. Preview of the main points of the essay.
    4. Thesis Statement affirms the main idea of the essay.
  2. II. Body
    1. Paragraph 1
      1. Topic sentence states the main idea of the paragraph and transitions from the paragraph before it
      2. Supporting details defend or strengthen the topic sentence. Students should use at least two supporting details in each paragraph.
      3. These details can include facts, examples, and expert opinions about a specific subject. If primary or secondary sources are used, students must use citations and references.
    2. Paragraph 2
      1. Topic sentence states the main idea of the paragraph and transitions from the paragraph before it
      2. Supporting details defend or strengthen the topic sentence
    3. Paragraph 3
      1. Topic sentence states the main idea of the paragraph and transitions from the paragraph before it.
      2. Supporting details defend or strengthen the topic sentence

      (NOTE: More paragraphs can be created using the same format.)

  3. III. Conclusion
    1. Restate thesis statement. Students should reword the thesis statement.
    2. Summarize main points. Students should reword topic sentences.
    3. Tie to Opening. Students should relate their conclusion to the opening of the essay.

    Let us explain the elements of this outline in order to understand their importance and value in your essay.

Introduction to your essay

It is the start of your essay. In the introduction, your focus is to increase the interest of the reader in the topic and to offer interesting and out-of-the-box information on the topic. The introduction where you write an appealing sentence or two is only the foundation. You will have to keep the attention of the reader all the time. It’s better if you stick to an uplifting tone throughout your academic paper. But do not forget to write a thesis statement as it is going to help you to create arguments throughout the remainder of the essay.

The Main Body Paragraphs

In the body, your main ideas are presented in a particular order. Every paragraph includes a topic sentence, your reference to some source, your attitude which explains the topic sentence from your experience. The paragraphs of the body should be connected in a natural way and it is easily achieved with the help of a transitional sentence. In this case, the essay will be perceived as a whole piece of writing.


Very often conclusions are connected with the introduction by writing the thesis statement in other words. The last paragraph is very important as it summarizes the most significant points and gives the reader complete knowledge and understanding of the problem you write about.

Some Important Tips and Tricks

Tip # 1: Always Proofread the entire essay before submitting it to your teacher

After you are finished writing your 500-word essay, try to allocate some time to proofread it. This will help you to remove and reduce all the thoughtless mistakes and typing errors that you might have made while you were writing it. If you are not fully satisfied or happy with the essay that you have written, this is the time to make the necessary corrections. This is the standard that is followed as we write any kind or length of an essay.

Tip # 2: Coherence and link between paragraphs

This is the most important tip that any essay writer needs to follow. All of the ideas that you present in your outline need to be linked with each other. When you are writing the essay, always make sure that your ideas flow well, and logically. This maintains the attention of the reader and allows them to read your article to the end.

Tip # 3: Follow the style and tone as instructed by your teacher

How you choose to write your 500 essays will help to understand whether your target audience likes it or not. Use descriptive words and a unique yet simple type of writing style that they can easily understand. Using the selection of complex and mouthy words may not be the best way to convey the information that you intend to. One reader might like and admire you for it; another might loathe your work. Therefore, it is a smart policy to use the words that an average reader would be able to like and understand. This will help you to use the right tone, depending on the topic that you are tackling.

The above tips will help you write a college essay. However, if you still need any professional assistance, get help from an essay writing service at affordable rates.

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