Directions to Develop an Outline for Your Persuasive Essay

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How? Well, you see, I am about to tell you all about how to write a persuasive essay outline. Now, this can only help an essay writer. “How so?” you might be thinking.

Well, an outline provides you with a structure for your essay which is something that most students need to learn. Your professor will surely be impressed and this will make online essay writing much easier for you.

Why a persuasive essay? Well, those are the tough ones so I thought you could use some help.

So, let me tell you all about creating an outline for such an essay.

Direction #1: The Topic

The first step will obviously be the choice of the topic. The question is what kind of topic will you choose?

Don’t choose a topic that has no appeal to you just because it seems like a good topic.

No! Pick a topic that might interest you so that you can show your passion. This will also keep you interested until the very end.

Direction #2: The Audience

Knowing who is going to read your custom essay is really important in writing essays. But how does this help with the outline?

Look, once you know which type of audience you have, you will know what arguments you need to make to convince them that you are right.

In this case, the audience is your professor so have a look at some past essays to figure out what they want.

Direction #3: Research

In a persuasive essay, you will need to do a lot of research. You will have to fully understand the topic before you even think of writing the outline.

Then you will have to pick one side in the issue that you want to discuss.

All of this requires you to do more research than you have probably done before.

Direction #4: Identify Evidence

While you are doing your research, you will come across a lot of articles and journals that might help you prove your point.

Keep an eye on those pages and do not close the tab on them.

You may need those later on in your essays. And you will need to provide some evidence in your outline as well.

So, do not let go of your evidence.

Direction #5: Introductory Hook

The first thing that you will be writing in your outline will be the hook statement. This is the very first statement of your essay and this will persuade the reader to keep on reading.

So, it is very important.

You will have to spend some time thinking of the perfect start to your essay. So, just start with something unusual. Want help with your introduction? Get it now from a write my essay service.

Direction #6: Clear Thesis

The thesis statement will be the last point in the introduction of your outline. This is something that absolutely needs to be defined in the outline so you can’t skip on this one.

One more thing that is important is that you can’t write a vague outline just because you are unsure.

Just make sure that your thesis is clear to the audience and yourself.

Direction #7: Body Paragraphs

Whenever you are writing your body paragraphs, just make sure that every paragraph discusses a separate point.

Do not discuss one point in a paragraph and then create a different paragraph for a related point.

No. The body paragraphs all represent the different arguments that you are making so it is important for every paragraph to have a different argument.

Direction #8: Consider Some Pre-Writing

Ok, so writing an outline is technically pre-writing too. But I want you to consider a form a pre-writing other than the outline.

You need a way to structure your mind so that you can form logical arguments. For this, you will need all the information in front of you.

Try a mind map or simply make some notes so that you don’t lose sight of your argument.

Direction #9: Pick one Emotional Argument

The good thing about a persuasive essay is that you are allowed to argue emotionally. You still need to present facts and figures but you can make an argument based on emotions alone. Just not all of them.

So, take advantage of this and find an argument that will connect with your audience.

This way, persuading them will become easy.

Direction #10: Think of the Transition

Do not skip the transition sentences in your outline. I know most people don’t think that they are important but they are.

When you have already thought of a transition sentence then you will just write your paragraphs accordingly.

You won’t have to modify them again and again to fit your sentences.

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