Make an Outstanding Literary Analysis Essay Outline in a Short Deadline - Easy Tips

Ever wondered why certain things are associated with others? As an example consider thinking of rain as the weather of gloom and sadness while sunshine brings about happiness and hope. This is because, over time, this has become a normal thing to match certain elements. When working with literary pieces, authors introduce such subtle elements to give a more realistic feeling to the whole text. Stories, novels, and other literary masterpieces have always been crafted with this in mind and introduce an element of the show and tell. So if you are ever told to do literary analysis, you would have to keep everything in mind. But before you begin, it is essential that you develop an outline so you do not lose track of anything important on the way. Here are some tips for an essay writer.

Tips to Develop an Outline

  • Inspect the prompt and consider what is being asked from you. If it is open-ended then you would be giving equal time to all the aspects but if there are some specific details then you need to decipher it. Is the essay demanding overlook of the characters or how does the atmosphere play a part in it all. From then on, you would be focussing on certain things rather than the whole piece or you can also ask someone to write my essay for me.
  • Next, you would be making some claims regarding what you have observed in that particular element. These claims would be present in your thesis statement that you would be using to build your outline. Sometimes, writing a thesis at the end is also possible but you must have certain ideas upfront on how you would be setting everything up for the outline.
  • As your deadline might be short, so it is better to develop an outline based on just small relevant hints and phrases. A comprehensive outline would be reserved for when you might have enough time on your hand that you could spare it. The main goal would be to define the sections that you would be developing and then under each section, use the phrase to remember that particular sentence, and what you would like to discuss in the final draft.
  • The traditional college essay outline would also follow the 1-3-1 rule. One paragraph would be reserved for the introduction, 3 for the body and the main material, and lastly for the conclusion. The outline gives you an added bonus that you could easily modify stuff if it is not relevant to the thesis without changing extensively. The literary analysis essay outline is for your guidance. If you think that some more information is required, then a professional essay writer service would give you all the tips you want to complete the next assignment even if the time is short.
  • Keeping all the notes in front of you, start writing all the essentials to make the best outline as explained before. You must have a hook ready, thesis in place, and a general idea about what you are going to write. Once done, proofread it and start working on the final draft to successfully implement the assignment instructions.

There is a chance that your instructor might demand to check the outline beforehand. You must find out the full details of the requirement so that you could follow it and complete it accordingly. The role of the outline is to guide you through the final draft of the essay. You would keep the outline in front of you and then follow all the points that have been mentioned. Since the outline may consist of only hints, you would be using proper vocabulary and grammatical structures to maintain a formal feel throughout the essay. The outline structure would be something like the following

  • Introduction
    • Hook Statement
    • Main Points
    • Thesis
  • Body Para 1
    • Subject/Topic Sentence
    • Discussion Point 1
    • Discussion Point 2
    • Transition Sentence
  • Body Para 2
    • Subject/Topic Sentence
    • Discussion Point 1
    • Discussion Point 2
    • Transition Sentence
  • Body Para 3
    • Subject/Topic Sentence
    • Discussion Point 1
    • Discussion Point 2
    • Transition Sentence
  • Conclusion

    Under each selected heading, the points shall be discussed while managing to keep all the rules of a general college essay alive. The best way would be to have a three-part thesis and each part would become the topic sentence of the body paragraphs. Let’s say you are trying to find out the role of weather in the novel. Frankenstein. You would be taking into consideration some examples of how the weather acts as a stimulus to provoke what is happening in the story and then use it in the thesis.

    Similarly, any other literary analysis would also have some similar elements that would be incorporated to have a strong thesis statement. Make sure that everything is written can be traced to the thesis statement. That is the main reason that most of the time it is written at the end so that people have a clear indication of what they have written.

    Try to play around with the final draft as little as possible and make all the changes in the outline. Give a thorough look at the outline before you begin writing the draft as making changes to the outline is comparatively easy. Once you have managed to pick up the flow to write the whole essay then getting distracted by changes could throw off the entire mood.

    Now get your research going and work on the next literary analysis assigned to you and make sure to follow all the essentials. If you are still confused, you can ask the best essay writing service to help you with this task.

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