Outlines and other pre-writing strategies to write a perfect descriptive essay

Paint a Picture...

Descriptive essays are like paintings being portrayed by an avid artist. The better the artist is at conveying what they see, the better their expression and ability to make the object of their interest appear relatable and comprehensible to the audience. Writing a descriptive college essay can be exciting and unnerving both at the same time. With the freedom to create comes the responsibility of being creative in just the right way for it to work its magic on anyone who reads the content.

Some Creative Liberty...

Descriptive content is different from other academic writings because it will offer you greater liberty to put those ideas on paper. You can choose to describe an idea, event, experience, or an object (or whatever it is that your professor has chosen for you) and get away with not being politically correct (read: academically). Descriptions can be subjective and largely by-products of your imagination coupled with your ability to be a good narrator.

The Audience...

Know your audience. You have to make them see what you see when you think about the topic of your essay. You need your readers to feel the emotions that are felt by you as you conceive and write it. Know the exact combinations that make your audience tick!

Organization and Planning...

The key to writing any kind of essay is to be organized. I know you may have heard this ad nauseam, but the thing is that there can never be too much stress laid upon being organized. For that, the prewriting phase is where the magic actually happens. Whatever (good or bad) that you may have to offer is going to be determined before you sit down to write.

What is the worst that could happen if you decide to eschew the prewriting stage and jump right onto the bandwagon of writing spur-of-the-moment essays? After all, is it not what most people do and get away with it?

Aim for the Stars...

Well, no. This just may be the difference between an “average” piece of writing and an “extraordinary” kind of content. You could forever be stuck in oblivion and have to bear the feeling of inadequacy that comes with being deemed “just OK” all your life (at least as a scholar or writer) if you don’t pay close attention to what great writers do.

Planning is the best thing that can happen to your essay. It reduces the amount of time that you will require to put words on paper. And the most important and effective outcome of organizing your content is that you will not have to pause and think while you write.

Words that Come Easy...

Writing can become repulsive if you have to pause and consider each word that follows the one that precedes it and make sense of the logical and cohesive structure. It takes all the fun away from the experience. Words can flow smoothly without a hitch if you have the sagacity to work ardently on your planning and organizing.


Now, it is safe to assume that you are on board with the significance of pre-writing. The first technique for planning your essay that I can introduce you to is reading. A good essay writer is an avid reader. You need to read all there is to read (in the time that you have been allocated). Read about what you want to become the object of your description. Amazing things will happen as you read as you will start learning the tricks of the trade.

Mind Maps...

The second step can only be creating a mind map. After you have read through your sources, you will be sitting down with your head buzzing with all the ideas and information that you have saturated your neurons with. This will all be lost and jumbled up if you don’t form a mind map.

Mind maps can narrow your essay down by giving it a structure. It can also ensure that you never get distracted and end up talking about what is not really relevant. Make sure that you stay on track. Plan the hook of your intro and represent all the ideas that will complement the thesis statement. Needless to say, plan the thesis statement.

Plan each paragraph by determining the topic sentences that describe your thesis in a comprehensive manner. For a descriptive essay, every paragraph can zero in on one aspect of whatever you are describing. Every topic sentence must be about this aspect followed by supporting ideas.

Outlines and the Final Product...

Composing a mind map will allow you the luxury of being able to come up with a descriptive essay outline. This is the Eureka moment. You can rejoice because after developing an outline, your essay will flow like water. Follow the mind map and enlist the hook, the thesis statement, and supporting sentences. Then, enlist topic sentences and their complementing ideas for each paragraph.

Cite wherever needed. As you reach the conclusion, rephrase your thesis statement and the topic sentences from all of the body paragraphs in such a way that they all feel like parts of one single puzzle. The final piece of the puzzle is going to be what you deduce from your own writing. Offer something unexpected (but relevant) to the readers that have the potential to stay with them long after they have finished with your description.

If you have been lucky enough to hold out till now, you will notice that your essay has pretty much been done at this point. I wish you all the best for writing that essay that will feel so good to put into words now when you have an outline, mind maps, and a treasure trove of information.

For those of you who feel like there is no way that all this work can be done in the time that you have, I would say, “Never say die”. Don’t let yourself feel like there is nothing for those like you who just cannot write this essay right now. There is always a way. Just find the will and a quality online academic essay writing service to make the process easier. Find a professional to help you for a minimal fee.

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