Outstanding Acceptance Speech - Writing Guide & Tips

There are many occasions when you have to show your gratitude towards a person or a group of persons. This occasion or event requires a speech from the person receiving the award or prize. If you are afraid of speaking in public, you have to prepare for the speech beforehand. In the following lines, we will take a look at some guidelines and tips for writing a speech on such occasions. Or you can ask others to write essay for me.

Provide your remarks briefly

The ideas provided by you should not exceed five in number. These ideas include thanking the person who introduced you; being thankful to the organization that has sponsored the award and mentioning some people who have worked in the background to facilitate your efforts. An essay writer can top the whole speech with a humorous statement that deprecates yourself.


I was not accepting to get this award and I had to confirm from the person sitting beside if my name was announced.

Get the audience involved

Eye contact with the audience for about five seconds will give you confidence and keep them involved in your speech. The involvement of the audience is also important because they may lose interest in your speech. You should include the first two points in a brief introduction so that the tone is set at the very beginning for the audience. Although the span of your speech will be short, the audience must remain involved in the speech.


I am so privileged to receive an award for community betterment and leadership. I have enjoyed every single day of my work when I have served my community. The amazing people of this city have allowed me to work more effectively.

Be spontaneous

It puts a bad impression on the audience if you are reading the points from a piece of paper. You have to prepare well for your speech and rehearse it at least twice before you go for the final presentation. You should take the steps to improve your memory so that you can remember the points to be spoken. You should keep the number of people mentioned to five at the maximum.

Show gratitude to the organizers

The ceremony is arranged by a certain organization and there is a good chance that these organizers are different from the awarding party. You should show your gratitude towards the organizers collectively. Do not mention each person individually because it will waste time and test the patience of the audience. There are two important parts of gratitude, one is for and the other one is to. A person receiving an award for a movie may be thankful for the consideration for the award and thankful to the family, friends, and the whole cast of the movie.


I would like to thank all the members of the committee for selecting me as their representative in the student government. I feel honored to represent you all as the president of the student body. I feel entrusted and happy with this selection.

Be genuine

You should include some real-world examples in your speech but your enthusiasm should not create a comic effect to the audience. You should think that only one person is listening to you instead of a big crowd. This little mind trick will allow you to overcome the fear of public speaking.

Be positive

Delivering an acceptance speech is not the place to revisit any past mistakes. You should remain positive about the present and future. Your language or tone should not be apologizing at all. This is especially true in the case of a speech that is delivered at a workplace in response to an award or achievement. You should not talk about any past negative events. Being positive does not mean that you can rant about some political viewpoints or discuss a controversial topic.

Discuss the future goals

This is an excellent opportunity to tell the audience about your future goals. In a professional acceptance speech, these goals may pertain to the upcoming project or some similar item. You also tell the audience about the goals of the organization and the way you can help achieve them. This aspect can also be enhanced by including one or two interesting statistics which show the achievements of the organization. These future goals may also pertain to the organization as a whole. You should communicate about your role in achieving those goals. These goals should also be related to the award presented to you. If you are still confused, get help from a paper writing service now.

Keep the jokes limited

Do not overcrowd the speech with jokes because it will hurt the essence of your speech. A joke is sufficient to break the ice in the beginning. You can also let specific people know that some jokes or humor will be directly pointed to them. Otherwise, do not crack more than one joke during the whole speech.

Concluding remarks

Just as in the introduction section, the conclusion will have a definite impact on the audience. You can leave the audience with a quote or some other thinking point. This section can also be used to thank all the related people once again.

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