Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students - Topic Ideas

If you are going to write an argumentative essay, you need to work hard. It is easily understood that informal writing is easy but once you are working on an argumentative essay, you need to better equip yourself with the necessary knowledge, good writing, and analytical skills to write a good piece of an argumentative essay. There are plenty of argumentative essay topics, however, choosing an outstanding topic can ease the workload by fifty percent.

Throughout their educational career, students have to write a lot on different topics and themes. The level of difficulty increases as one joins the college and university. Those who have good writing skills manage to write their assignments by themselves but students with poor writing capabilities often hire an essay writing service to get their work done.

An argumentative essay is about convincing the reader about a particular point of view with sound arguments. If the essay writer is unable to back her claims with valid arguments, facts, and research, she may not get the desired results. Therefore, students must select a workable topic, can be debated and the writer has sound arguments to support it. Seeking help in this regard can provide worthy insights but asking others to write my essay for me is not advisable unless you are sure that you will get quality content.

Students often find it difficult to pick a topic for their essays, therefore, they get confused and fail to write a good essay. Before starting to write, students are advised to do the groundwork and select a topic that best interests them. It becomes easy for students to organize arguments coherently if they choose a topic from their area of interest and have a grip over it. Thus, the essay topic must be selected carefully.

Following is a list of topics that college students can use to write an argumentative essay.

  1. Is global warming human-induced?
  2. Is capital punishment effective in controlling crime?
  3. Gerrymandering; a curse for democracy
  4. Our electoral process is not fair
  5. Are harsh punishments effective in controlling crime?
  6. Should male parents get paternity leave?
  7. Is the taxing system fair?
  8. Can cheating in exams be controlled?
  9. Should thinking machines be allowed in the market?
  10. Is social media helping to maintain diversity?
  11. Should drugs be legal?
  12. Is screen addiction causing mental health issues in youth?
  13. Teens are violent due to video games
  14. Is social media a good source of learning?
  15. Is data mining a threat to privacy?
  16. Is online shopping the future?
  17. Can doping be allowed in sports?
  18. Is sexual education causing early pregnancies in girls?
  19. Is virtual learning effective?
  20. Youth drug addiction is leading to early deaths
  21. Do women have a right over their body?
  22. Should patients be assisted in dying?
  23. Should the government change gun laws?
  24. Should there be strict anti-bullying rules in schools?
  25. Should there be a dress code for women in public?
  26. Is life harder now?

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  1. Is dialogue the best way to resolve disputes?
  2. Should developed nations provide charity to poor nations?
  3. Can genetic engineering be allowed to produce colons?
  4. Is war good for progress?

Though this list can include hundreds of more topics the given ones are some of the best argumentative essay topics. College students are mostly required to give their opinion on issues that are being faced by society. Therefore, they are advised to choose a topic that is the most relevant to the current situation and take a position over it. They must provide facts and evidence to support their claim and their arguments must be logically correct.

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