A Standard Formatting Guide to Sketch an Outstanding Scholarship Essay

You may have heard about a scholarship in high school final year and how much it can be beneficial if you manage to get one. Remember that the scholarship essay is all about winning, an award that can reform your life. Yes, it is true after winning a scholarship you can complete your college graduation without paying anything. Even some scholarships also offer a monthly stipend for your expenditures. In simple words, you can say that getting a scholarship is a prestigious award for you and your family.

You may have written many essays in high school about varying topics but scholarship essays are slightly different where you need to follow certain guidelines. Along with a scholarship essay, you need to submit different other submission forms in the given order. You need to focus on three main points, first, the content of your custom essay, second, an engaging introduction, third, a memorable conclusion. Along with all these points, the most important is the scholarship essay format that you should follow.

Remember that there is a scholarship committee that evaluates your essay from every possible angle. They would review it by applying different evaluation techniques so make sure you do not miss anything. You must follow a general format instead of a lousy one. I am writing down some tips. By following them you can sketch a perfect scholarship essay or you can simply ask someone to write my essay online.

Format of a scholarship essay

There is no universal format for such an essay, every academic institution devised its format method. Sometimes it is mentioned on the college's website or scholarship form. So you must know the respective formatting method. In case you do not find any specific criteria for formatting you can follow the method given below. If you still feel unclear about the formatting and what you should follow and what not; just do not waste your time and contact the scholarship committee to clarify the rules or format.

Scholarship essay format

  • You should use double spacing between the lines by using the option of ‘line and paragraph spacing’ from the main menu bar in MS Word.
  • Sometimes essay titles are optional to write but if you want to write one then it should be appealing to the reader and catchy to the scholarship committee. It is the first thing that your reader would see so make sure to engage your reader via the short but comprehensive title.
  • The font size should be 12 with font style ‘Times New Roman.’ You can use other styles too like Verdana and Arial. These are the standard font styles that you can use and do not even think to use any fancy script fonts like ‘Monotype Corsiva’. As it would not give a good impression to the scholarship committee. You can use these options from font style and font size from the title bar of MS Word.
  • The margin of your page is very important, the ideal margin from all four sides (top, bottom, right and left side) is 1-1.5 inches. An essay writer can use the option of margins from the ‘page layout’ option of MS Word.
  • Your every paragraph should be indented and you can also insert a blank line between two paragraphs to make the indent prominent. You can use the indent option in MS Word or simply press the ‘tab button’ for an indent before starting any new paragraph.
  • As I told earlier, your scholarship essay format is slightly different from your regular essay. You should also insert your last name and page number if you are writing a long essay. The ideal location for name and page number in the top left corner of the essay page. If it is required you can also sign your scholarship essay on the last page.
  • The word count may differ depending on your scholarship type. In most cases, the scholarship committee issues word count guidelines just act accordingly to them.
  • Sometimes you cannot conclude your topic within a given word limit in that situation you can exceed only a few words just to complete your point i.e. If the essay is 300 words you can write 320 words. But if your words are 450 then it would not be accepted by the scholarship committee.
  • In the same way, if you have delivered your point within 290 words then you should end it here. It is better to conclude it rather writing something irrelevant which may jeopardize the quality of your essay and ultimately your scholarship.
  • Do not write a long tempting essay that would bore the committee rather be precise and concise in delivering your ideas. Remember that, your priority should be to produce optimum quality rather than quantity.
  • Your essay should consist of at least three paragraphs minimum or a maximum of five. The word limit for each paragraph also matters the most, the ideal limit is 240 to 280 words in a paragraph.

You can write an appealing essay by following the above-mentioned points. Remember that a good easy does not necessarily mean to follow all the guidelines, rather your essay should also be unique from other participants. For college scholarships, there is immense competition and only the best one gets selected by the board.

Do not fool yourself and get an expert opinion about your essay. You can contact your teachers or an academic essay writing service. Both have sufficient experience to guide you in the right direction. A legit but cheap essay writing service has professional writers with years of experience in writing. You can get a perfect scholarship essay by hiring such a service.

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