Tips on How to make an outstanding Scholarship Essay – Guidelines

Students have a lot of opportunities to learn new things in high school and colleges. You can call it the golden days of your life. It is a time when you make new friends and a friendship that may last throughout your life. High school gives you a chance to become a successful person. The system of education in high schools is so effective that alone in America 85% of students graduate from high-school every year. The credit goes to the hardworking students and the education system.

However, the situation is different when it comes to taking admission in a college. Though the school education is partially free and students only pay tuition fees. The fee structure in colleges is different where you have to pay thousands of dollars to get a degree. Most students prefer to get a student loan and continue their education for the next four years. But in the long run, they suffer the most if they do not find a suitable job. You would be surprised to know that there is an alternate option to get a college education for free.

Yes, you can avail of a scholarship after high school graduation in this way you do not have to pay for your college expenses. To get a scholarship, there are some prerequisites that need to be fulfilled. First, you should be able to write a winning or outstanding scholarship essay. Well, I am not asking you to write a scholarship custom essay out of this world; but it should be convincing enough for the committee that you are the right person to get a scholarship. Writing such an essay is not a piece of cake but it is not even rocket science too. You can write a winning essay by following certain tips listed below:

Tips to write an outstanding Scholarship Essay

Get familiar with the prompt

Unlike your college essay, your scholarship essay should be on a specific point, topic, or prompt. Yes, it is true, for a good essay you first need a prompt which should be clear to you. You should be able to think about it from all dimensions. Once you are clear about it then you can start writing about it. The only tip in this sector is not to deviate from your topic and stick with your prompt.

Choose a relevant/interesting topic

For a convincing scholarship essay, your topic should be relevant or interesting to you and the institution in which you are applying for. Remember that you would spend hours in research and then essay writing if the topic is not appealing to you or the committee. Then it will not serve its purpose i.e. if you are applying for a medical degree then your essay should be related to this field and how new discoveries can revolutionize the medical sciences.

Research work

It is very important that you should include some new facts or evidence in your essay. The college committee or counselor is well educated so they would evaluate your essay depending upon your research material. If it is thorough, relevant, effective, and communicative only then there would be a chance for you to get a scholarship. If your topic allows you to research beyond your academic abilities then you can also use an encyclopedia or relevant books to include more relevant facts.

Know the character/word limit

The word limit of your essay is relevant to your essay prompt and sometimes it also depends on university regulations. Your every paragraph should contain an equal work limit. Typically a paragraph contains '250 words.' If you are still confused you can ask from a cheap essay writing service to provide you with a sample essay. It would help you a lot to craft your essay.

Make a plan

You need sufficient or at least two weeks before the deadline to start writing your essay. You should plan every movement so that you can avoid any possible discrepancies. Remember that your future depends on this essay so do not make or write anything which jeopardizes it. To avoid it you can also hire an academic essay writing service. The chances for you to get a scholarship will become optimum if you would pay for essay.


Brainstorming is very important in every type of writing so you need to sit down and start gathering ideas. The ideas could be anything like the prompt, the sequence of ideas, material to include and exclude, and how to end it. Mostly, it helps you to summarize the sequence of your ideas, and only then you can write your essay eloquently.

Emphasize your resilience

Sometimes a prompt also includes the hardships which you faced and your strategy to overcome them. Remember that here your main focus should be on your strategy to overcome rather the hardship itself. You can say that it is more related to your problem-solving ability or a psychological evaluation by the respective institution.

Be professional

Remember that your scholarly essay is just like an academic essay; the rules are the same. You need to avoid certain words and writing styles so you should manage your tone and use of words. Think wisely there would be many other students applying for the scholarships. If your essay is distinctive from others then you would have more chances to win a scholarship.

Be brief

It is very important that your ideas should not expand from a certain word limit otherwise it would lose effectiveness. The principle becomes very important when you are concluding your essay. Do not expand your 'thank you' note too much and only write a sentence i.e. 'thank you for this opportunity and for taking time to read this essay.’

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