Paraphrasing Techniques to Develop Unique Content for your upcoming Essay

Writing an essay seems quite technical for many students as they lack appropriate writing skills and do not have any know-how of good vocabulary words to clearly express their thoughts about something.

But, if the problem exists definitely its solution will also subsist somewhere which is our responsibility to find to remove all barriers from our path. So, students, you need to fix this problem immediately to learn something constructive that will be beneficial for your future career path. You can approach free essays that are available online on an essay writing service to help you out. Definitely, they are useful for you to learn about the ways of creating existing content in your own words. This unique art is an important component of a writer’s life to reach out to certain goals.

Paraphrasing is not just limited to academia but you need to adapt this skill as it is extremely important in a professional career. Thus, this editing skill is as important for you as water is for life without which survival of human beings is not possible. Let’s just move to some essential techniques required for paraphrasing to produce unique content for your writing piece. Or you can also ask others to write my essay.

Stop! Stop!

Don’t jump directly, don’t you think there is a need to understand the concept of paraphrasing. So, just have a glimpse of it for more precise consideration.

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing refers to formulating ideas of someone else in your own simple words to convey the same point but using different words. For paraphrasing a source, you are supposed to redraft a passage that will not alter the meaning of the original source. It is considered a substitute for quoting in which exact words of someone are copied and put in quotation marks. As far as academic writing is considered, it is normally good to rephrase the content rather than putting the same words in quoting as it reveals that the essay writer has developed a comprehensive understanding of the source making the text more original.


Whenever you paraphrase the text, make sure to cite the original source of the content. Also, you need to be quite vigilant not to incorporate words that are too identical to the original one. Otherwise, it will lead to the possibility of the existence of plagiarism that will deteriorate your whole impression.

So, how will you paraphrase the original content?

Think! Think!

Hence, these tips to rephrasing might seem simple, but crafting an idea in a poles apart manner than the published words could be hard. It is not difficult at all as you think it might be. Here are some useful tactics to help you compose an attractive and high-quality piece of writing to impress the reader.

Tips to Ponder

  • Give a thorough read to the passage at least several times to completely comprehend the meaning of the text.
  • List down the important concepts or make notes to retrieve in your memory.
  • Compose your own version of the words without taking the original content into consideration.
  • Make a comparison between your paraphrased version and the original content and then make slight changes to phrases that seem quite similar to the original to avoid plagiarism.
  • Always cite the original source to navigate the reader about the root of an idea depicted in the text.
  • Begin the first sentence of your essay using a unique point that is different from the original source.
  • Incorporate synonyms to depict the same meaning in different looks.
  • Alter the sentence structure such as change the sentence from active voice to passive one.
  • Break the info into discrete sentences to give a more precise outlook.

Some More on a Way

Avoiding Plagiarized Content

At the time of rephrasing the content, you need to be extremely careful to escape from accidental bootlegging. Basically, this happens when the paraphrasing is quite similar to the available quote having phrases and complete sentences that are too similar and thus, must be mentioned within quotation marks. Similarly, plagiarism could also exist if the writer fails to adequately refer to the source of the rephrasing.

In order to make sure that all the sources are cited properly and paraphrasing is appropriately done, you need to detect the plagiarism check prior to the submission of your paper. It will highlight the content that would be too identical to the original source, even if the sentence structure has been totally altered or synonyms have been used instead.

Rephrasing vs. Brief View

As discussed earlier, paraphrasing is composing a particular passage in your own words using the content of someone else, thus, it will have almost a similar length as the original source. When you fully or moderately refer to the result of a more extensive measure of the study, it is considered as a summary. This is a prominent difference between summarizing and paraphrasing the content. But normally, both of them are deliberated as paraphrasing.

Food for Thought

  • The purpose of paraphrasing is to reflect that the writer has clearly comprehended the logic and significance of content.
  • Make sure to prevail in your own voice throughout the paper.
  • Try to avoid quoting the text because it will ultimately diminish the credibility as well as readability of the text. If you are confused, get help from a paper writing service now.

Happy Writing!

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