Personal Narrative Essay - Writing Guide

Personal narrative essay, as the title indicates is all about you. It is the type of essay in which a writer has to share his experience with something. It is one of the most common types of essay and a more critical one because the grading criteria is all about how well you have shared your experience. Once I had to write a personal narrative essay, and thinking about the experience that I should quote, I asked my sister to write my essay. She denied it because she was having her exam, but she handed me over a guide that helped me understand and know some quick ideas that can help you write a good and well-phrased personal narrative.

The following are some of the unique and easy tips that can help you write a personal narrative essay.

Choice of person

A personal narrative essay should be written in the first person as it is one of those essays in which negligence to write in the first person can lead to the dedication of marks. When you are writing in the first person pronoun make sure that there is less repetition of the pronoun. All of the sentences must not start with me, rather you should try to convey the first person pronoun in a way that your essay does not lack sense.

Stance to be chosen

It is important to understand what an essay requires of you. When you are writing a personal narrative essay, it is important to take an emotional stance rather than writing about anything else. It is a common observation that human nature is more attracted to stories and the most appealing are the ones that have an emotional background when you are choosing an experience to make sure you write about an emotional experience. It is also important to think about more positive experiences rather than revengeful because the type of experience that you share leaves an impact on the mind of the reader.

Details to be added

When you are writing a personal narrative, make sure that you don’t write everything. In a number of cases, when you are writing and you write in a flow, you keep on explaining the things and ideas that are not even required and it hampers the crux of the essay. It is suggested to stick to the actual story and share minor details that don't need any further explanation. Give due importance to the use of words because our experience comprises native words or colloquial language and it can become one of the major causes of misunderstanding.

Designing your essay

Although it is a personal narrative and you are not bound to some sort of topic or a perspective, you still need to abide by all the obligations of an essay. It means that your essay should have a logical paragraphing and a sequence. Firstly, you should make multiple paragraphs in the essay, here the choice of making paragraphs is to ensure that your essay seems readable and there are points to stop if you can’t read the complete essay in a single sitting.

Maintain the standard format of your essay. The font should be as per academic guidelines. It means that the essay should be 12 Times New Roman with double spacing and 1inches on all the four sides of the essay.

Let’s suppose an essay writer is making headings in your essay, then the headings should only be an introduction, discussion, and conclusion. You should not add any other heading because it will only increase the mess of your text. You should not make any other heading no matter how much deviations and modes your exercise had. The heading should also follow the standard of essay writing. It means that the heading should be 12 times but they should be bolded. If you are supposed to write in any other style then you should design the headings or set requirements of that style.

One of the important elements of designing your essay is adding a title page and fulfilling the requirement of the title page such as either your first name or the second name. It will give your essay highly formal visibility and it is enough to impress your teachers to give due attention to your work.

Editing and quoting

Editing here refers to proofreading and the other activities that can help you ignore and omit all the mistakes that you have made in your college essay. You can consult different resources to eradicate all the errors in your essays such as grammatical errors, sentences structure mistakes, and other choices of words. You can choose an application, “Grammarly” that can help to solve all the grammatical issues.

Quoting refers to the quotations or the other material that is not yours. It is one of the most common practices that students try to add a quotation or a passage from some narrative to enhance the weightage of their reading. If you are also quoting something from an external source, then you should cite the source from where you have taken that passage or quotation. Here, you should know how to cite the resource within the text. You cannot cite something that begins with the first-person pronoun or that is purely your content. So, it is important to remember where you have to cite the resource. Then, mention the full-length reference at the end of the document. This should also be done as per the format chosen because different writing styles require different types of citations.

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