70+ persuasive essay topics on Political Issues

As a student, it is inevitable to avoid writing essays, assignments, research papers, and reports because this is an essential part of the academic system. Although this is where most of the students lose marks because not every student can come up with a professional and high-quality essay. Some of the students can do better at maths and some are good at scientific research while others master the art of writing incredible academic papers. So every student has a unique talent but everyone has to pass maths science and English even no matter if you are interested to study those subjects or not. Writing an essay can become a challenging task if you can not decide what topic to select.

Choosing an appropriate topic for your essay is the most vital part and you have to be careful while going for one. Most students randomly choose any topic without conducting research and later regret it when they get stuck while writing so I don’t want you to regret it later. Don’t worry if you run out of essay topics on political issues I will share 70 persuasive essay topics with you to help you choose the best topic for your essay. You need to be careful while choosing the best suitable topic for your essay. You have to grasp some knowledge regarding the topic before you opt-out for one. The topic should not be narrow and too dull to write about. Writing an essay about a political topic can be a daunting task if you do not have much knowledge about politics so it is better to do some research before selecting topics.

Let me help you select a topic for you out of the below-mentioned list or you can ask others to write my essay in no time.

Persuasive Topics for Essay Writing

  1. Why democratization process is better to run a country
  2. Cold war vs actual War
  3. What do you think should be more important to people, the privacy of people, or national security?
  4. Is the voting system fair?
  5. Do you have to be merciful?
  6. Do you think one person should not have the authority to run a country?
  7. Do you think normal people should take participate in decision-making?
  8. Do you think war is a political decision amongst countries?
  9. Third world country vs Developed countries
  10. Parliamentary republics or presidential republics?
  11. What is more effective diplomacy or war?
  12. Foreign Policy
  13. How to overcome corruption
  14. Why should you cast a vote?
  15. Should citizens under 18 be allowed to cast a vote?
  16. Should gay marriages be legalized?
  17. Should the representation of minorities be more than it is now in the government?
  18. Should a state allow protesters to block traffic?
  19. Should the media be allowed to have political discussions?
  20. What is your call on separating church and state?
  21. Can the government make religious worship places of minorities out of the state’s budgets?
  22. Your opinion on protecting religious liberties?
  23. Why do politicians have to adopt diplomacy?
  24. Is every politician a good leader too?
  25. Does political condition affect economic matters?
  26. Can a government deny the decision of the supreme court?
  27. Why has the country become divided politically over the last few years? How can it be fixed?
  28. Privatization vs capitalization
  29. Government should make more industries to enhance employment in the country
  30. How can a political party solve all the issues of a country?

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  1. What should be the criteria for casting a vote for a political party?
  2. Should citizens have the right to ask about the performance of an elected political party?
  3. What do you think is the better presidential system or parliamentary system?
  4. Why is the presidential system is preferred in the United States of America?
  5. How should we handle the threat of terrorism in the United States of America?
  6. Is War a political discussion?
  7. How important is it to improve the relationship with neighboring countries?
  8. Should the participation of women be increased in politics?
  9. Should citizens under 18 have the right to give their opinion on political issues?
  10. How should we solve the United States immigration problem?
  11. Should the government impose heavy taxes on citizens?
  12. Should the government provide basic necessities to the citizens like education, shelter, food, and medical health facilities?
  13. Is it the responsibility of the current government to reduce the crime rate in the country?
  14. Is it legal to impose martial law in a country?
  15. What do you think a huge wall on the southern border with Mexico would solve the United States immigration problem?
  16. What do you think is wrong to influence people to vote for a particular party?
  17. Is it mandatory for every citizen to cast a vote?
  18. Should the government establish policies that are only beneficial for them or they should consider the problems of people too?
  19. Is it alright to protest against the current president?
  20. How politics influence our lives?
  21. The root cause of every problem is political corruption?
  22. How can politics influence education?
  23. Is it important to get a degree to become a politician?
  24. How can you win a ticket for a political party?
  25. Do we have the right to speak against a particular political party?
  26. How can a normal person participate in politics?
  27. How impactful is the media in political life?
  28. Should the US elect a female president?
  29. Should the government impose restrictions when it comes to gun control?
  30. Should electronic media play a vital part in political elections?
  31. Differences between major political parties
  32. Should government impose strict laws against human cloning?
  33. How should the government cope with the risks of global warming?
  34. What reforms should be introduced to improve the education system?
  35. Should the government shift its focus to poverty?
  36. Should the government provide shelter to homeless people?
  37. How should I take part in improving the judiciary system?
  38. Impact of social media during the elections
  39. Should health care services be free?
  40. Should the government censor the internet to reduce cybercrime?

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