Persuasive Speech Outline on People must avoid texting while driving

Students are required to complete different types of assignments during their academic tenure. The writing principles in high schools are slightly easy while these become complex and more detailed in college. The type of college essay remains the same but the content becomes more thorough and detailed. Your period in high school is mainly based on training while you should become an expert essay and speechwriter in college. Some students find it difficult due to their busy schedule and a short deadline to complete an assignment. Whether it is a speech writing or an essay writing both require time and expertise to complete.

Both have different formats and purposes; your professor judges your writing abilities in essays. In the case of speech, you should also be able to deliver it perfectly. In simple words, it requires public speaking confidence. Experts have two opinions, one believes that only a confident speaker can deliver a good speech. Second, believe that if the speech is written extra-ordinary then anyone can deliver it successfully. To some extent both groups are right but the second view is more prevalent. If your speech is out of this world containing the unique knowledge then you can deliver it effectively.

There are different types of speeches and each serves different purposes i.e. in the case of informative speech you do not have to do anything except to deliver new facts and figures to the audience. It is slightly essay and mostly it is used in academic gatherings where your audience is well educated and already knows the purpose. In the case of persuasive speech, things can become slightly tricky because you have to use emotions, logic, and motivation. Only then your audience would be convinced from your point of view and ultimately you can achieve your purpose.

If you want to craft an effective speech then your main focus should be your outline. It would not only help you gather your ideas but you can also go through it by eliminating all unnecessary details. From all speeches, persuasive speech is the most important one. For your guidance, in this post, I will write an effective persuasive speech outline on a very important topic. After reading this post an essay writer would be able to write an outline on any given topic. Once you are done with your outline then it will be a lot easier for you to follow and incorporate the relevant points into your final draft of the speech.

Outline on People must avoid texting while driving

You may have heard 'do not use a phone and drive' as it can prove fatal not only for the driver but for pedestrians too. In some countries, it is a criminal offense and you may have to pay a hefty fine because in most cases it damages the public property not to speak of the precious loss of lives. Non-governmental organizations often run campaigns to spread awareness about the hazards of the use of mobile phones while driving.

Indeed, the use of a mobile phone is hazardous alone in the UK 8000 drivers use mobile phones while driving every week, deliberately. The number is much higher in the case of the USA where 660,000 drivers use mobile devices every day. The irony is it cannot be called a necessity but a necessary evil where one person is endangering the lives of people around him. In case of a persuasive speech, you should include such detail so that your audience can know the demerits of using mobiles while driving. For your guidance, I am crafting an outline you can follow or have a basic idea of how such an outline looks like:



Mobile phone use: A growing problem of driver’s distractions

Thesis statement:

The invention of mobile phones has revolutionized the communication sector. Today people are closer than ever before but its excessive use is harmful to its uses and people around them. Need help with writing a perfect thesis, consult an essay writing service now.

  • Introduction
    • The 21st century has brought many new inventions. The advancement that we are witnessing today is only due to inventions done in the 20th century. There is no doubt that technology has revolutionized our lives and we are leading towards artificial intelligence. The day is not farther when we would be able to teleport a living human across the globe. Today we have many communication devices. Above all, the use of holograms is becoming very popular. It is a technology in which you can see the communicator in 3D. Mobile is the most popular device and today there are five billion users worldwide. (write a thesis statement here)
  • Body Paragraphs
    • First paragraph: Start with a sentence stating that should be linked with your topic and thesis statement. Later include the demerits of using mobile while driving and state some facts like several accidents around the world.
    • Second paragraph: Include different methods under which the public can be educated about the hazardous use of mobile during driving.
    • Third paragraph: If you think there is a need to change the laws then provide concrete evidence if it is not sufficiently dealing with the problem. If you need help with writing your body paragraphs, hire someone to write my essay for me at affordable rates.
  • Counter Arguments
    • It is your second last paragraph in which you can say mobile can be used while driving only in case of emergencies. As a precautionary measure, a driver must stop on the sideway before receiving the call.
  • Conclusion
    • To conclude, the rising use of mobile phones is causing accidents around the world. It does not make a difference whether an individual is using hand free or not. Our attention divide and our neurological response also change as there is some limitation of the human brain. Although it is perfect in multi-tasking, sometimes it can be harmful to its user and people around him. The only way to remain safe is not to use a mobile phone while driving.

This detailed outline gives you a complete idea of drafting an amazing outline. However, if you still need help, hire a professional ‘write my paper’ service.

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