Persuasive Speech Writing is So Easy! Tips and Tricks

Look I know what you are thinking. There is no way I am telling the truth. Persuasive college essay writing cannot be easy. Just look at how hard convincing others is.

But that’s not strictly true.

I can tell you for a fact that persuasive writing is not as hard as people make it out to be. So, if you are thinking about writing a persuasive speech then you need not worry at all.

I assure you that you can write a good speech with a little bit of help.

And how do you get that help? Well, I am the help.

Because I am going to give you some tips that will make persuasive writing much easier for you.

So, have a look at what I have in store.

Tip no. 1: Focus on the Goal

Before you even start writing your speech, it is important that you know what your speech is about. And what is your goal?

For example, if you want to persuade your audience about the benefits of recycling then you will need to stick to recycling while you are giving your speech.

The biggest problem in speeches is how the speaker tends to stray from the topic.

Tip no. 2: Know the Audience

This is very important because this affects the way you give your speech and what information you put in it.

If you are giving the speech to a room full of experts then you can obviously skip the basics and talk about the issue with less context. You can even use jargon.

But if your speech is for students then you will need to expand on the background information.

Tip no. 3: Build Your Credibility

This one is obviously important. You can talk about a subject at length but why would anyone even believe you?

They will only take your word if you have established your credibility. So, you need to talk about your research on the subject at hand.

In the introduction, mention what makes you an expert on this topic and basically talk about why the audience should believe you.

Tip no. 4: Use Examples

The best way to persuade your audience is to give them evidence of how right you are. This is easily done by giving examples.

Depending on your topic, the examples can be of any kind.

You can talk about surveys conducted on the topic or give examples of personal experience.

Just make sure that the examples are relatable to the audience.

Tip no. 5: Choose a Persuasive Approach

There are many ways in which you can try to persuade your audience of your point of view.

The three main persuasive approaches are ethos, pathos, and logos.

You will definitely be using ethos when you talk about your credibility. But, other than that, you will need to use either logos or pathos.

You can also try to use a combination of both.

Tip no. 6: Decide on the Main Points

This is something that you need to decide beforehand. Think about your topic and pick out the most important points that you need to raise.

They don’t need to be more than two or three.

If your speech is long then you can include additional points.

Think of these points as the body of your speech. Your content will depend on their selection.

Tip no. 7: Address the Opposition

This will earn you bonus points among your audience. Seriously! All you have to do is acknowledge that opposition to your point of view exists.

Tell your audience about what the other side says. And then logically refute their argument.

It is highly important to use logic in this case.

If you do this then your own argument will become stronger than before.

Tip no. 8: Strong Opening

Persuasion of the audience starts at the very beginning. This means that an essay writer will be convincing your audience from the introductory paragraph.

So, you better write a very strong opening.

The main thing that you need to remember is that you have to start off with something that will interest your audience.

Then, you need to link the topic to them so that they feel a personal connection.

Tip no. 9: Call to Action

In cases where you are talking about subjects like global warming or recycling, you will need to address what we can do to change such circumstances.

So, what happens is that such speeches are concluded with a “call to action”.

This tells the audience that they can do something and calls them to take action and make the situation better.

This is an effective engaging method.

Tip no. 10: Always Revise

Once you have written your speech, don’t just leave it. Go back and read it again. Look for any mistakes that you may have made.

Remember, this is a formal speech so your style and language should not be casual.

Make sure that you have structured it well and spend time on all your main points.

Are You Not Convinced?

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