Get to Know More About Primary and Secondary Sources Used in Research Paper Writing

Your academic journey is incomplete without constructing a research paper. For this, you need to analyze, interpret, and establish an argument after the detailed research work. This means you must go through various but interconnected phases to achieve the objective of writing a good research paper. Deep knowledge about the topic requires crafting a research paper according to the expectations of your audience.

Comprehensive research work is a mandatory condition to apprehend the successful form of research paper writing. The entire process of writing a research paper is a great opportunity for you to deeply discover a specific idea. This process of research permits you to obtain proficiency on the topic of your research paper. Hence, it is important to give close attention to the procedure of research and gaining information relevant to your topic.

You must be familiar with all the sources that you can consider when it comes to conducting research for your paper. You can ask for support from any Paper Writing Service to know better about the possible sources of research. For this, you need to understand that primary and secondary sources both are vital options to complete the task of research paper writing. Let me tell you more about these forms of sources to make the procedure of writing a research paper easy for you. Or you can ask others to write essay for me.

Primary Sources

The aim of this type of source is to provide first-hand information that can include in the research paper. Original evidence considers that can explore from various forms of sources. Statistical information, interview content, and work of art of some of the significant forms of primary sources. As a researcher, you have direct access to a primary source that can relate to the main subject of your research work.

If you have access to any direct evidence or form of information, it characterizes it as a primary source. Mostly, primary sources rank as the main objects that you need to consider for analysis in your research paper. It is good to check the work of any professional Essay Writer or expert research paper writer to expand your knowledge in terms of the successful use of primary sources in the paper.

If you want to write a research paper on any event of the past, it is not possible for you to directly access the required form of knowledge. For this, considering primary sources is a good option that was crafted at that period. Letters, newspapers, and photographs are some of the examples of primary sources of research work based on history.

In the case of current research work, primary sources can witness both forms of qualitative and quantitative data that you are going to accumulate yourself. This process of information gathering is mostly possible through the significant options of interviews, surveys, and controlled experiments. Official documents and media texts also characterize good options in terms of primary sources relevant to any current research work.

Secondary Sources

These sources are different from primary sources because it intends to provide second-hand information related to the topic of the research paper. In other words, it reflects the comprehensive commentary of research work conducted by other experts and researchers. As a writer, you just use information in your research paper that is originally explored by other researchers. Journal articles, reviews, and academic books recognize as some of the significant examples of secondary sources that are widely used to construct a good research paper.

Another approach to understanding the idea of the secondary source is that it is used to illustrate, interpret, integrate, or analyze primary sources for your research work. The most common forms of secondary sources are books, articles, documentaries, descriptions of the artwork, encyclopedias, etc.

When it comes to the significance and appropriateness of evidence, primary sources are a more credible option as compared to secondary sources. Therefore, a good research paper is characterized as a combination of both primary and secondary sources.

Examples of Primary Sources

  • Public opinion polls
  • Manuscripts
  • Photographs
  • Paintings
  • Novels
  • Movies
  • Audio and Video Recordings
  • Letters
  • Diaries
  • Speeches
  • Published Books
  • Government publications
  • Newspapers
  • Organizational records
  • Autobiographies
  • Memoirs
  • Technical reports
  • Statistical facts
  • Oral histories
  • All forms of artifacts
  • Legal hearings

Examples of Secondary Sources

  • Bibliographies
  • Reference books
  • Journal Articles
  • Newspaper and magazines articles
  • Review of books
  • Literature reviews
  • Scholarly books
  • Any forms of commentaries
  • Textbooks
  • Indexes

Criteria to Determine the Nature of Source

It is important to consider some conditions or standards to explicitly distinguish between primary and secondary sources. This sort of information will help when you are going to incorporate different sources in your research paper. For this, you need to ask yourself some simple and relevant questions yourself to exactly determine the nature of the source.

· Does this source obtain from anyone who is directly involved in the considered event or from any other expert?

· Is my central focus to analyze the source or want to utilize it as background information for my research paper?

· Does the considered source provide a novel form of knowledge or it is an integration of evidence obtained from any other source?

You need to consider all these basic parameters to correctly figure out the correct nature of the selected source. This form of knowledge is vital to incorporate these sources in your research paper according to the requirements. For a good research paper, you advise incorporating both types of sources to obtain and sustain the authenticity of your research work. Remember, you can always get help from an essay writing service to do it for you.

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