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When is your assignment due?

Is it difficult for you to analyze your opinions?

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But, surprisingly all of the above questions have a single answer.

The easiest way to compose a critical essay that needs to be well-structured is to organize the text. It is a fact that not every student is a talented essay writer who can effectively perform a comprehensive analysis based on reliable sources.

But when your instructor wants you to write a critical piece, you have to give it your best shot. You are supposed to read an article or any journal to present your views and claims based on it.

Focus on the Basics

Critical Paper

It is important to know the structure of such types of essays to grasp the concept of each. Basically, a critical essay is an academic essay that shows the ability of students to critically analyze various subjects from different perspectives and articulate their constructive opinions at the end. All you need is to read any specific piece of literature, analyze and assess it, and provide your final review.

Critical writing makes the reader aware of the strengths and weaknesses of a literary work. You can take samples from any cheap write my essay service to clarify your concepts such that at the time of reading, your target audience must straightaway apprehend whether the article is worth reading. Therefore, keep in mind that your primary purpose is to convey your opinions.

Outline of the Critical Writing Piece

Generally, an outline is composed of three core components: an introduction, main body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. You must develop a clear outline to write a well-structured essay with an introductory paragraph, remarkable body paragraphs, and lastly, a well thought out ending.

Intro Section

Begin the essay intro by providing some background information leading to the main idea or gist of the essay so that the reader can easily comprehend the nature of the topic.


  • Title
  • Biographer
  • Journal information
  • Topic statement to identify the purpose of the essay

Create a Thesis Statement

In critical writing, the thesis statement normally reveals the writer's perspective of the literary work that has been critically analyzed. The opinion of an essayist is subjective and can be challenged by readers who are of a different opinion.


  • Reveal your knowledge of the source after providing a summary of the text for closing your intro.

Main Body Section

Critical Analysis

This is the part where you will provide your analysis of a paper or any literary work based on your reading as well as a critical assessment of it. Interpret and evaluate the key arguments and highlight the knowledge about the source.

  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of the message and the source.
  • Justify the opinion of the author whether it is biased or unbiased.

You can also take help from an essay writing service to improve your knowledge of writing. Practice as much as you can to enhance your critical writing skills.

The most important part of a critical essay is an effective conclusion that connects back to your introductory paragraph.

Concluding Section

The conclusion of this essay is written in the same way as that of a traditional essay. Again, rephrase the statement of the thesis and reflect on some thoughts to conclude your writing. This is the time to wrap up your critical views by summarizing the key points of the analysis. If you need help, consult a paper writing service now.

Happy writing!

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