Professionally written sample annotated bibliography in APA 7th edition

An annotated bibliography is an important part of the research. Before working on our thesis or any research project, we are required to develop a detailed annotated bibliography that supports the proposed research by relating that with the previously published research literature. We must select some recent publications as readers, and research supervisors are often interested in getting an understanding of the recently published material relevant to the proposed topic of research. An annotated bibliography is a rigorous exercise that requires sorting the most harmonized research strongly. If you are confused about developing the annotated bibliography, here are some easy steps and a sample that will help you develop a professionally written annotated bibliography

Focus More on the Research Journals

Research Journals are important since they include the most recent literature. Some research journals are subject-specific; therefore, you will have to sort the journals that answer your research query. Research journals also help you in getting to know about research trends and eradicate any confusion about the proposed research. Some researchers rely on published books, but these are less helpful as they target a general understanding of the topic under examination. The best way to cope with sorting the literature is shortlisting and examining the most related research journal.

Limit Research to Specific Years

Research remains continuous, and it is the reason why there is plenty of literature that is present and appears as answering our research inquisitiveness. To better grasp the understanding of research, you can limit your research to a specific number of years. For example, since 2021, therefore, research before 2015 will be understood as scholarly outdated. So, it will be suited if you limit your research years between 2015 and 2020. If you are confused about this aspect, consult an essay writing service that can aid your task of developing the annotated bibliography.

Thoroughly revisit the sorted Literature

Now when you have shortlisted the relevant literature, start reading it thoroughly. You will be highlighting the most pertinent things that match your research query. This examination or analysis of the literature will help you understand your topic as well. Make sure that you are focusing on areas that link with your primary research questions. This examination and analysis of the literature will be helpful, and no free essay writer will do this in the manner you can do this by yourself.

Start Writing the scholarly Inputs

This is the final part of developing your annotated bibliography. When you are done with reading and examining scholarly research, you can start writing the scholarly inputs. The scholarly inputs are findings that are important or that form the basis of research. Writing the scholarly inputs is the essence of an annotated bibliography, and ignoring that may lead to writing a useless piece of literature. From the paper writing service, you can get professionally written samples.

Format your annotated bibliography

Formatting is important, and in the case of annotated bibliography, it is a bit different. In APA 7th edition, you will primarily focus on the styling of the author's name and the publication title. Formatting the annotated bibliography is important, and any mistake or error here can watershed the complete effort. Following is the sample of the annotated bibliography that you need to follow for APA 7thedition.

Sample Annotated Bibliography

  • Ferrante, E. (2020). Lying life of adults. Europa Editions (UK).

Ferrante's book titled Lying of Adults talks about an important topic of contemporary times. The book is important as it highlights the issues faced by adults and restricts their abilities to perform the most important tasks in their daily lives. Ferrante’s book is among the most read books of 2020, given the content it highlights.

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