Proficiency standards for a graduate research paper and what you can do to meet them

The students get many assignments during their educational careers. Most of these standards are clear and easy to meet whereas some assignments have more complicated guidelines. Most people come across a research paper assignment during their graduation-level studies. The assignments about the research papers may contain the most detailed requirements. There are some set standards to handle the research paper assignment well. In the following lines, we will take a look at some of these standards.

Choosing a topic

The topic for a research paper should be focussed narrowly to cover one or two different aspects of the subject. The thesis statement should direct the reader about the way forward through a statement of position or hypothesis. It may also work if the topic is focused but lacks a specific direction. In this case, the thesis statement will describe the direction in which the writer will move. The student may choose a range of topics and present them to the instructor so that the final topic may be decided with mutual agreement. In case you need more ideas, get help from an essay writing service.

Integrating the knowledge

The assignment related to the research paper is generally related to a specific subject. The writer should be able to understand and apply the concepts studied in the subject. This aspect will be applied throughout the paper especially in the body section. The introduction section will ask the writer to define the relevant concepts which are to be used in the research paper. The introduction section will end with a clear, concise, and specific thesis statement.

The elaboration of these concepts will be undertaken in the body section with the help of specific examples. The introduction may define the time value of the money concept and its relevant importance. The body section may elaborate on the concept with the help of different scenarios. The impact of changing interest rates, principal, and the number of periods may also be assessed. This section should also talk about the different forms of the time value of money i.e. fixed amount and annuity.


This is the most important standard for the writers to consider because it will help them in maintaining the flow in their writing. The thesis statement presented at the end of the introduction should be focussed on to maintain cohesiveness. In the body paragraphs, words can be used to join one paragraph to the other. If you are writing a paper on pollution, an essay writer should be able to integrate the information from all the sources and take the reader step by step from one issue to the other. The paper should flow from defining the topic, explaining the causes, and providing some workable solutions to the problem. The material obtained from different sources should be presented as being a part of the whole. A reader will quit if there is too much disjointedness in the paper. A writer should work on different steps to make sure that the information is put together properly. Information from different sources must be gathered and some common points may be noted. The writer should try and find the connection between these sources and present them while writing. The conclusion will be the last section of your paper and perhaps the most important one as well. Some readers may jump directly to this section after reading the introduction. They want to see if the research question has been answered or the stance has been appropriately proven. There should be no new information presented in this section.

Spelling and Grammar

These aspects are also very important while writing a research paper. The instructor will be a native speaker who knows all the aspects of language very well. You can take help from technology to check for these mistakes. Most of the word processing software provides you with the opportunity to check grammar and spell check with a few clicks. Another important aspect is the sentence structure which means that the sentences should neither be very short nor very long. Many online paper writing service websites provide proofreading services so that they point out spelling and grammar mistakes. The proofreading services also include an overview of the flow of the essay. Sometimes, the quality of a paper is affected by overusing a certain word or phrase. The proofreaders at such services will point such things and you can rectify them later.

Sources and citations

This section refers to the accumulation of sources used in the paper. You should make sure that the sources are not very old. All the sources should be maximum of three years old which will assure that the concepts and data used in the paper are up to date. Many online services may help you in collecting the most relevant and current resources for your paper. The paper should contain the in-text citations included correctly at the appropriate place. If you are seeking help from an online writing service, you will have to provide it with the required format to be used. Their expert writers will take care of all the aspects related to the specified format. These services also provide you with an originality report which tells you the percentage of content that has been copied directly from the sources. You can change the wordings so that the similarity index is reduced to an acceptable percentage. The maximum percentage for similarity is different for different institutions and students should provide this information to the write essay for me online service.

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