Qualitative VS quantitative methods for nursing research

Nursing careers have taken many students from staff nurses to most aspiring nurses researchers. However, it takes a lot of quantitative and qualitative research to be conducted by the students to make themselves more advanced in the nursing field. Many students are troubled because of qualitative research methods due to their confusing terms. Clinical nurses are more confused about the concepts and off-putting language of the research methods the research papers are wrapped in. I remember how confused I was when I used to attend conferences and seminars to understand the terms and methodological knowledge of such research methods. As a nurse, I need more knowledge and understanding of research methods to enthusiastically and dedicatedly excel in nursing. Although it is tough it is important to understand the significance as well as the methodologies of quantitative and qualitative research methods.

The global increase in the prevalence of communicable and non-communicable diseases is demanding more research and evidence-based knowledge and therefore, the nursing career should provide an understanding of quantitative and qualitative research methods to its students or you can ask others to write my essay .

Understanding the Difference Between Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

  1. Qualitative research comprises in-depth and unstructured interviews and reviews of documents whereas quantitative methods focus on structured interviews, surveys, reviews of records, and observations.
  2. Qualitative studies are primarily inductive procedures that are conducted to articulate hypothesis and theory, however, quantitative studies are deductive procedures that are primarily important for the pre-specified constructs, hypothesis, and concepts to make up a theory.
  3. The qualitative research methods are subjective which describes the point of view and behaviors of people regarding a problem. Quantitative research is mostly objective which is interpreted by the researcher regarding a problem.
  4. Qualitative research provides more in-depth knowledge regarding an issue of few cases whereas quantitative research is based on many cases observed to understand the little information regarding a problem.
  5. The response options of qualitative research are in the form of unstructured responses however, quantitative research methods use responses that are fixed and measurable.
  6. Analysis of qualitative research methods needs no specific tests and can be utilized on any computerized sets whereas the quantitative analysis is done by the statistical tests such as t-tests and ANOVA.

Characteristics of Qualitative Methods

The general characteristic of a qualitative research method is that it involves a natural environment setting. The samples of qualitative methods are in the form of individuals and small groups. The collection of data is accomplished through interviews, notes, and observations. The qualitative research methods look for themes for interventions. In such methods, a researcher looks for experiences, open-ended questions, coding, and interviews. For example, phenomenology, biography, case studies, and case reports follow qualitative research methods.

Characteristics of Quantitative Methods

The general features of quantitative methods are that it has a controlled setting such as a laboratory. The samples of quantitative methods are in the form of control groups and they are large in number. The data collection is converted into numeric form to analyze through statistical methods. The fixed variables and predetermined interventions are applied in these methods. Examples of quantitative research methods are experimental research, Quasi-experiments, randomized control trials, and case-control studies. The quantitative methods look for hypotheses, research problems, valid instruments for the measurement of results, and analysis through statistical procedures.

Why Research Methods Are Important in Nursing?

It takes time to understand the importance of research methods because practice depends on updated research and evidence-based methods. However, it is interesting once an essay writer understands qualitative vs quantitative research methods and how they are helpful for an advanced nurse. It is significant because nurses feel more comfortable in conducting detailed interviews with their patients. After all, it ends up in a clue for their disease or a problem. However, without research methods, no nurse can be trained enough to resonate with the collected data and information with effective interventions.

Evaluation and Analysis of Ideas

You will find it difficult to collect the effective idea from lots of data and after spending, months working on theories and concepts to align the research problem. Also, it is difficult and frustrating to articulate the exact findings of your research to analyze and assess the problems. Once you know how to conduct research, you will evolve with time to conduct research on your topic of interest. Your perceptions and ideas will be analyzed through quantitative or qualitative research methods and your practice will be improved. If you are still confused, consult an essay writing service now.

Reliable Interventional Process

Accurate and precise findings of qualitative and quantitative methods are helpful for nurses to offer cost-effective treatment methods and reliable evidence-based practices are recommended through such processes. The new recommendations and interventional processes are delivered only once a controlled trial has been performed to assess the efficacy of certain interferences. The methods could be wrong and therefore, nurses will be able to understand which method is appropriate and how such methods should be applied to treat patients. The key messages and applications of certain interventions in clinical practice help nurses to understand and analyze the effective and efficient methods of interventions for the patients.

Effective Conclusions and Outcomes

Discussions and interviews in qualitative research methods are more appropriate for nurses to understand the efficacy of therapies for better patient outcomes. For example, understanding the cognitive-behavioral methods compared with dialectical behavioral therapy will provide which method is more effective. Findings and results can be generalized to the overall population if the research is conducted through qualitative or quantitative methods. You will find a lot of deliberations impossible to understand, grasp, and will end up leaving disenchanted with the whole struggle of qualitative and quantitative research in your nursing career.

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