50 Quality Topics for your next Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay does not need any specific introduction as the name itself provides the idea of the genre of the essay. An argumentative essay provides an argument about a specific topic of which an essay writer has to pick a side either a counter-argument or in favor. You will provide numerous pieces of evidence, examples, and research to justify the authenticity of your argument. You have to convince your reader that the point of view you are presenting is justified and proven. A successful and fine argumentative essay is always developed based on your thorough research rather than feelings or thoughts.

Following are the fifty quality argumentative essay topics around which you can develop your essay or you can ask others to write my paper .


  • Is time travel possible?
  • Should corona vaccinations be required for students to attend school?
  • Should governments worldwide be involved in climate change?
  • Are black holes a portal to another world or time dimension?
  • Is it possible to convert Mars into our new Earth-like home?
  • Is global warming caused by humans? How do we prevent it?


  • Does the internet have a positive impact or a negative impact on society?
  • Will Elon Musk be successful to send 1000 people to mars by 2023?
  • Will driverless cars be a useful invention?
  • Are cell phones invading our privacy?
  • Are we going to experience flying cars by 2050?
  • Do you think technology has taken control of our minds?


  • Should abortion be made legal?
  • Should same-gender marriages be legalized?
  • Should animals be used for testing and research?
  • Should marijuana be legalized?
  • Should the domestic violation be legal?
  • Should smoking be banned completely?
  • Are curfews effective for teenagers?


  • Should exams be conducted during the Corona pandemic or not?
  • Are online classes any useful during Covid-19?
  • What educational loss are we facing during a pandemic?
  • Should education be free?
  • Should I approach online essay writing services to write my essay for me?
  • Should there be a cost shift from educational institutes to students?
  • Is essay writing service genuine?


  • Should suicide be legal?
  • Do you think that health care should be free of cost?
  • How social media is affecting people’s mental health?
  • Should the coronavirus vaccine be effective?
  • Which diet in your preference makes us lose weight fast Keto or Intermittent?

Art & Culture

  • Is the education of arts important?
  • Do you think graffiti is considered vandalism or art?
  • Is music a form of art?
  • Is Mona Lisa overrated?
  • What medium do you think is more realistic gouache or oil?

Social Media

  • Should Tik Tok be banned?
  • Our lives on social media are genuine?
  • Do social media today have the power to change norms?
  • Is social media a bad influence?
  • Should Whatsapp be banned like in Arabian countries?
  • Is Social media more powerful than law?


  • Should chess be treated as an official game?
  • Do colleges need to pay less for sports programs?
  • Cricket or Soccer, which one do you think is healthier to play?
  • Male and female players should be given the same salaries and privileges.
  • Do you think World Cups' are fixed?


  • Should rape criminals be hanged publicly?
  • Do you think judges should base their verdict in the favor of society or base on the wording of the law?
  • Do we have a fair law and order in our country?
  • Our law in the country is corrupted. Do you agree?
  • Do violent video games need banning to lessen the behavior problems in young?
  • Does the death penalty be legalized?


  • Does religion encourage war?
  • Should Islamophobia be abolished?
  • Does religion promote peace?
  • Should people be free of practicing their religion?
  • Should religion-based discrimination be eradicated?

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