Reflective Essay Writing Tips and Tricks for Beginners

I am sure that you know what reflective essays are. They are the essays in which you need to examine some experiences of your life.

I know that sounds easy enough. But it really isn’t.

I am not saying that it's super hard. Just that it is not as easy as may think. And if you are here then you have probably figured that out. Now, if you haven’t written a reflective college essay before then now is the time to get started. You just need to know how to begin.

Well, you are quite lucky because I know just the tips that you need to write an essay all on your own.

So, have a look at how to write such an essay.

Tip #1: Think of an Impactful Event

First of all, you will have to select the topic of your essay and you can do that by thinking of an event that was super impactful in your life.

It is easy to write about an impactful event.

It may seem hard for some people, especially, if the event is emotional.

Know that the event doesn’t need to be too personal. Just impactful.

Tip #2: Use a Mind Map

Since you are new to all of this, it will really help to sort your thoughts out on paper. This will clear your mind for more ideas.

So, using a mind map can be really helpful.

Just write down your thesis in the middle of the paper and encircle it. Then think of your main points and link it to your thesis.

Keep going until you have exhausted all ideas.

Tip #3: Make the Introduction Strong

Look, not everyone wants to read about your life or your personal experiences. So, to make them read, you will need an introduction like the ones written by those “write my essay” services. Do you know what I mean? Something that is enchanting.

A strong introduction will make your job much easier. Once the reader is hooked into your essay, they will want to read it.

Tip #4: Talk About Growth

An attractive reflection essay does not just talk about a life experience, it reflects on how that experience has affected you. How it changed you for the better.

So, in your essay, you will need to talk about personal growth. Yes, you will describe what happened.

But only to a certain extent.

The rest of the essay will focus on the consequences of that experience.

Tip #5: Use Imagery

These essays are not like the ones you usually write. This means that you can take certain liberties in these essays.

Like the use of imagery.

If you really want to impress your readers then you can do so by drawing vivid pictures in the minds of your readers. This can be done through the use of imagery.

This way, your readers will be able to experience your journey with you.

Tip #6: Highlight the Turning Point

This is something that most people forget about such essays. Which is weird because this is so very important.

These essays are written so that an essay writer can get to know yourself a little better.

And for that, you need to know exactly what impacted you so much. What was the point that changed you?

This is a pivotal moment that must be highlighted or else the essay will lose its meaning.

Tip #7: Reiterate the Lesson

Your essay will have a lesson embedded in it. Basically, you will talk about what you learned from this experience of yours.

It can be positive or negative.

This lesson needs to be reiterated throughout the essay so that it gets stuck in your reader’s mind.

They should know exactly what your essay is about. So, keep on repeating the lesson that you learned.

Tip #8: Describe How You Felt

If you want to form a connection with your readers then it is important that you make them what you felt.

So, for every point that you make, give examples of how you felt about it. How it impacted you personally.

Do not shy away from your feelings. Because then you can come off as rude or distant.

You can openly admit your feelings in such an essay so do just that.

Tip #9: Use the First-Person Perspective

Unless your professor states otherwise, you should use the first-person perspective to narrate your reflections.

This will give the essay a much-needed personal touch.

You will be able to describe your experiences in a better way and your readers will feel a lot more connected to you.

So, using the first-person is a win-win.

Tip #10: Choose the Vocabulary Carefully

Always remember that this type of essay is rather descriptive so you will need a lot of vocabulary to describe your experience.

Also, since you will be using vivid descriptions, you will need to be careful with the choice of your words.

Sometimes we think that a word means a certain thing but it doesn’t. So, always check on that.

As long as you are careful, you will be fine.


Really, I get it. It is a new type of essay and you may not even be able to get it right.

If that’s what’s troubling you then throw away your worries.

You can just get in touch with a writing company to have your essay written. It really is that simple.

So, go online, and search for the writing company that suits you best.

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