Sample Annotated Bibliography in Harvard Style for 3 sources

Is Academic writing stressing you out? Is drafting different kinds of essays for different courses at the same time driving you insane? Do you have tough deadlines to meet? You need help and you’ve come to the right place. Finishing your essay should relieve you mentally, but often, your instructor asks you to write an annotated bibliography which can be a burden if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Writing an Annotated Bibliography

For authenticity, your paper must contain sources to back up the data. By adding a description of the significance of the source, you can help the reader get a better idea about the accuracy of the paper. If all this information is confusing, you have two options; firstly, you can consult online paper writing service websites. These services go through your essay, check your sources, and draft an annotated bibliography for you. Secondly, you can read the remaining article thoroughly and make notes for proper guidance or you can ask others to write my essay.

Harvard Style Annotated Bibliography Rules

You must make sure that care is taken to cite all the sources in Harvard style in the paper. You should double-space the whole bibliography and arrange it alphabetically by authors' names. If the work of one author has been cited multiple times, order them by the time of publishing. To make things clear, an annotated bibliography example may help. If you are still confused, analyze the given sample.

Sample Harvard style annotated bibliography with 3 sources

Annotated bibliography

Doe, J., 2010. Global warming due to energy production, the journal of science , pp. 300-303

This research article was written by Dr. Johnathan Doe, a professor of environmental sciences at Harvard University in 2010. The author claims that by the year 2050, massive flooding can be caused due to the melting of the polar ice caps. It is very useful for my paper because I am proposing the minimization of the usage of fossil fuels and investment in renewable energy. This paper emphasizes why my paper is important. The conclusion of this paper was that we need to start looking for alternative fuel sources because global warming is destroying the environment. There were several limitations in the paper. The software used to predict global warming is now obsolete therefore the accuracy may be invalid.

Boyle, C., 2020. Solar Power. The renewable energy journal , pp. 271-275

This research article was written by Professor Charlie Boyle, who teaches a renewable energy course at Brooklyn University. It was published in the year 2020 in an energy production journal. The article discusses *insert words*. The methodology he adopted for the research is * insert words* and he concludes his paper by stating that *insert words*. This work is useful for my paper because it explores the amount of energy that can be produced from solar power whereas the key focus of my paper is the usage of tidal, solar, and wind energies. The limitations of this paper were *insert words*

Peraltiago J., 2002. A book of wind energy case studies . Harvard Press.

This book was written in 2002 by Engr. Jacob Paraltiago, an environmental expert currently working as the director of operations in the US department of energy. The book discusses several case studies on the implementation of wind energy in the US. The book discusses *insert summary*. The analysis of the case studies was done using XYZ software and the results were compared. In conclusion, the author states that *insert conclusion*. This paper is related to my work because *insert relation*. The limitation of this source is that it is 18 years old and the results might change in current times.

Examples of 3 sources have been provided for your understanding. If you are still confused or there’s a time limitation, an online essay writing service may be employed. These services will proofread your work, and add details. They can also write a fresh annotated bibliography.


Academic writing can be stressful. It is recommended that you use the guidance of online services. To understand the method of writing an annotated bibliography, simply go through each mentioned Harvard citation. If you properly analyze the format used, you won’t face any difficulty.

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