A Sample argumentative essay outline, introduction. And conclusion on the death penalty

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Sample on Death Penalty

1. Outline of the Essay


Add information about what is the death penalty and what are the various opinions of people regarding this topic

Clear your position by stating that you are arguing in the favour of death penalty Thesis statement

Body Paragraphs

  1. Criminals should not be able to roam around freely after committing murder
  2. Justice should be served
  3. It can reduce the crime rate


1. The death penalty should be imposed by the state

Essay on Death Penalty


The death penalty is also known as capital punishment it is a legal action of hanging a person to death as a state punishment for committing a crime that comes under this category. Mostly the death penalty is executed for murder cases because this is one of the most horrendous and horrible crimes one can ever commit. I believe there should be no escape for that either. Various people have different opinions regarding this topic. Most people argue about this topic that death penalty should be banned because it is considered immoral and against human rights. While some people have an opposite opinion regarding the death penalty that it should be allowed because some of the criminals deserve to choke till death. This is one of the controversial topics that are under discussion of many people yet people have different opinions about it due to several reasons. I believe that capital punishment should be allowed under some circumstances for example if someone commits a murder of an innocent person they should be hanged because no human should have a right to kill people. The death penalty should be imposed strictly to punish the criminals so that justice would be serves and the offenders would not be able to get away with that easily after committing such horrendous crimes.


It is concluded that the death penalty should be imposed by the lawmakers In order to reduce the crimes like murder, escape prison, etc. I believe that it is not against human rights to punish a criminal for murdering an innocent human being. It is mandatory to announce capital punishment to reduce the crime rate. The United States should not abolish the death penalty because justice should be served for the victims. There are some cases where innocent people mistakenly get caught and bear the torture instead of the real offender in that case there should be a proper investigation before the execution of the death penalty because killing an innocent person is not justified in any way.

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