Sample thesis statements of common college essays to get you started

A thesis statement is presented at the end of the introduction section to summarize the argument that will be made in the rest of the essay. There may be many forms of an essay but they all require a thesis statement in one form or the other. This statement is usually presented in the form of a single sentence. A reader knows how you will interpret the importance of the subject matter being discussed. The reader knows about the things which are expected from the upcoming parts of the essay. In the following lines, we will present some examples of thesis statements that may help you to start your work.

Example 1

Everyone should exercise.

In response to this thesis statement, the readers will raise a question, “Why should everyone exercise and what is in it for me?

All people should add exercise to their daily routine especially in the morning because it will help them to maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of many diseases.

The second thesis statement is very specific because it shows many angles related to the topic of exercise. It also shows why some particular people should exercise as a part of the normal routine. The essay writer will be able to pick at least three points to explain. The morning routine, weight maintenance, and caring for some specific diseases. There is much more room for exploration in terms of different diseases and the impact of exercise on them.

Example 2

High levels of alcoholic drinks are bad for you.

There are many drawbacks of consuming alcohol and you must specify the drawbacks that you want to discuss.

Using excessive alcohol impacts the general health of a person negatively including liver complexities and heart diseases.

You cannot and should not state every detail in the thesis statement because it will broaden it too much. Too many details will make the thesis statement a run-on sentence. Providing some specific points in a thesis statement will mean that your body paragraphs will also discuss one point in a single paragraph.

Example 3

Reading can increase the analytical abilities in children.

This thesis statement is not strong enough because it includes the word “can” which is not strong enough. The reader or audience will put up a question regarding how reading will increase the analytical abilities of children. A strong thesis statement will allow you to support all the points presented confidently.

Reading can benefit a child by developing comprehension skills, improving vocabulary, and providing them with newer perspectives of things

This statement is much more specific as it provides some advantages of reading for the kids. All these points may be discussed in detail while writing the college essay. The author may add more points according to the word count required by the assignment.

Example 4

All retirees should be shifted out to Florida.

This statement is too general to develop a thesis. There should be some supporting claims presented to make it stronger. A broad thesis statement can result in the writer talking about too many things but not convincing the reader about any one of them.

Retirees should be shifted to Florida because there are many other retirees settled there and the friend’s circle will be developed.

This thesis statement allows the writer to present a specific reason for shifting out to Florida. The importance of friendship and relationship to the older ones is also emphasized. The whole thesis can be developed on the importance of friendship.

Example 5

The internet has affected the lives of many people.

This statement may be considered true by most of your readers but they will come up with the question of how have the lives been affected and what is in it for a specific reader? Many readers will not care about this statement because there is nothing in it for them.

The internet connects people from all parts of the world, developing new friendships and exchanging ideas which were not possible before it.

The focus of this thesis statement will be on the ability of the internet to develop new relationships and exchanging ideas. We have to develop the argument that these relationships and exchange of ideas was not possible before the advent of the internet. The focus will be very tight and this will add to the quality of your paper.

Example 6

Organ donors should receive some financial reward.

This statement will force the audience to question, why should this happen?

The lives of donors change and they have to go through long medical procedures so kidney donors should be financially compensated for their self-sacrifice.

This statement has specified a single form of organ donation, i.e. kidney donation so the focus of the thesis has been limited. The reader will know that the thesis will talk about the whole process of a kidney transplant from one person to another and the changes in the lives of people as a result of the operation.

The above thesis statement examples have been developed from the reader’s point of view. The writer should ask himself if a thesis statement poses some direct questions or not. If it does, there need to be some improvements in it. A good thesis statement should contain three or four major points associated with the topic so that all of them can be covered sufficiently.

These examples will help you write an impressive essay. On the other hand, the option of hiring a professional essay writing service is also available in case you are unsure about your writing abilities.

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